Your Personal Invitation Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What state does a person go through at the lowest point of the descent and what is he supposed to do then? What is our mistake?

Answer: If I fall to the bottom of the descent, then at this lowest critical point I cannot do anything by myself. It is as if I am neutralized by all the Light that operates on me.

Your Personal Invitation Of The Light

The Light operates on me during all the phases of my development (the Surrounding Light 1), and under its influence I descend. Its action leads to my descent by adding a corrupt desire to me. Eventually I find myself at the lowest point in which I cannot do anything. There are no means by which I can ascend; I am under the total influence of the ego.

But the moment I begin to rise, at least a bit, thanks to the gap between the new state and the state I was in, I already have to do something independently. I rise to the first state with the help of the group, but thanks to the level I rose to, I now have to start doing something by myself: to raise MAN, a prayer, a request, to exert myself. I have to draw the Light by myself in order to start its influence according to my invitation and not through someone else.

I cannot wake up and pull myself out of the lowest place independently and without help: “A prisoner cannot rescue himself from prison.” But the moment I rise a bit with the help of the friends, I can already carry on by myself. I am not a prisoner that is chained down anymore! I have a friend who helps me on the outside to get out of this pit.

But if after I have been helped to rise a bit, I am too lazy and don’t exert myself, if I don’t immediately turn to the Light that Reforms, but wait and rise simply with the current of time, with the help of the environment, then I don’t draw upon myself new spiritual powers.

The moment I get an opportunity, I immediately have to start working by myself. Otherwise the Creator will help me get out of the pit once or twice and then leave me since I don’t do anything on my own. He sends me help: through the group, through the friends, in different ways, but if I don’t respond to it enough, He leaves me.

It turns out that He has to add evil and sufferings down below where I fell, different corporeal problems, so that I will finally understand that I have no choice and that I have to rise. I understand that it is worthwhile to exert myself a little and to advance for the lowest corporeal reasons. I will try to escape from corporeality to spirituality because I feel bad in my ordinary life.

In that case I don’t rise by drawing the Light that Reforms but because of ordinary animal sufferings.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/13, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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