To Break Through The Cocoon And Enter Into The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of inner preparation needs to be done prior to the Women’s Convention?

Answer: In order to break the barrier between us, to somehow soften the situation, we need to hold a workshop with the group or some kind of event, in order to feel that to some extent it is possible to facilitate the trend towards building a relationship: not to sit distanced from each other and delve within yourself, but to exit yourself, somewhat rise above yourself, outwards towards the others, and then we will find our spiritual vessel, Kli.

It is a clear female emotion when I am inside myself, “I within myself.” With the men it doesn’t stand out so much. On the one hand, women overcome this with more difficulty, and on the other hand, more easily, since it is easier for them to determine where this “cocoon” within them is. A woman feels very clearly that it is “I within myself,” whereas a man doesn’t. Until a man reaches this “cocoon” a lot of time has to pass.

Thus, I suggest for women to hold several meetings, discussions on this subject. It could be a workshop. I think it will be enough to at least begin to exit ourselves. And afterward, during the convention, we will talk about it and deal with it.

Question: What would you advise women who understand the importance of their presence at the convention, but prefer not to physically go there? How is it possible to help them overcome this “cocoon”?

Answer: I think one simply needs to decide and to work on yourself without paying attention to those around you: “We must do this now!” and begin to operate, constantly trying to break through the shell of isolation. You will see how much, on one hand, it is difficult, but on the other hand, the constant blows from within from this “cocoon” will break it in the end. But inevitably one must do it! Without that, we won’t feel that we are in the spiritual world that is found outside us, beyond the boundary of this “cocoon.”
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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