Are There Limits To Loyalty And Love?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe will have to go through many states in the spiritual work. The first, easiest, and most essential step is to invert from “I” to “we.” After all, “we” still includes me, and in it is included our general pride. Everybody disappears in this concept, not only me. We see in our regular lives that it’s relatively easy for a person to identify in such a way with a group, with a military unit, with the family, to tie himself with other bodies.

Later on, greater and more difficult discernments will arrive, more personal correction. I begin to worry precisely about the most hated people who cause me the most troubles and problems. And it is not even just hatred, I open the highest degrees of hatred and repulsion that an ordinary person cannot even imagine and feel. I, however, must rise above all my ego and reach such a state that this most-hated person, whom I would want to trample, becomes more dear than myself, and I prefer that he will get all the best, and nothing will be left for me.

It’s not easy to attain such a correction, but certainly in the end it has to be like this, and not just in general, but towards specific people. At first we go from my personal “I” to the general “we,” and afterwards, in “we,” the elements begin to reveal, meaning “Him.”

And in all these actions, the rescue is only the greatness of the Creator that rises above my self-importance, in order to help me happily get rid of my “I” for the sake of another’s benefit. I will be thankful for the opportunity that was given to me to turn my hated ones to the Creator’s beloved ones, because from them He will get greater pleasure.

This is such terrible “masochism” that can’t even be imagined, but it’s all based on the greatness of the Creator. We are required to raise this greatness to such a degree that nothing will remain from my feeling of “I.” This is called “existence from absence,” and we are returning to this absence. But this is still not the limit to self-nullification! But we will talk about the next steps later …
From the Preparation the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/13

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