The Whole World Is In Exile, The Entire Earth Is Egypt

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe night of the Passover Seder for a person who has already exited his internal Egypt is a celebration in which he again undergoes the same states as during his exodus, in the same order (seder), and rejoices over his liberation. This helps him rise to the next degree, each time, higher and higher.

That is why, it is written that in every generation, that is, in each state, on each stage of growth of egoism, a person must see himself as if he had just come out of Egypt. And all the corrections that he performs on his egoism will always be accompanied by a reminder of the exodus from Egypt. Only after a person rises above his ego, can he carry out the actions of bestowal, which are called commandments.

On Passover night, everyone is sitting with his family at a festive table and reading about freedom and sufferings of slavery, and of course, feeling the inner pain, desiring liberation. This holiday awakens all the questions of enslavement and freedom again. Now how can we gain freedom, come to a new life, a new state?

We must realize that today we have entered a new era, and if we do not realize our mission, as the people of Israel coming out of Egypt, we will not be able to survive either as a country, or as a people. We will not be able to be Jews because this is our mission—we must send the message to the world to raise everyone, together with us, from the general egoism, owing to which we find ourselves in the current crisis.

This crisis expands more and purposefully pressures us so that we finally want to get out of it with the entire world. By this, we have to set an example to others. Celebrating today, the Passover Seder in 2013, I thus prepare myself for exodus and the freedom that I will attain after that.

This is a salvation from the angel of death, my egoism, which is killing me. I hope that through this I will become the light for the other nations, and they will also know how to come out from Egypt. They will see that our ego keeps us all in exile. The whole world is in exile, the entire earth is Egypt, and we must rise above it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Night of Passover Seder,” 3/4/13

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