Telling The Story Of The Exodus From Egypt

Dr. Michael Laitman The Zohar, Chapter “Bo (Come Unto Pharaoh),” Item 179: The commandment that follows is to speak in the praise of the exodus from Egypt, which is mandatory for man for all time. Every man who tells the story of the exodus from Egypt and delights in that story will rejoice with Divinity (which is joy from all sides) in the next world. This is a man who is delighted with his master, and the Creator is delighted with that story of his.

The commandment is the Creator’s order, the law of nature, the duty of each person. The Creator is nature; that means that it is our duty which is built into our nature to “tell the story” about our exodus from Egypt (our egoism) into the property of bestowal.

“To tell the story” means to verify, find out, understand, test, and to attain at its deepest level the Light which impacts our desire to receive pleasure. As a result of this effort, we become aware of the nature of our participation in the processes that occur within us under the influence of the Light. We have to acknowledge whether our involvement is unconscious, automatic or independent. Without a clear understanding of this process at the very depth of its meaning we cannot attain the Creator.

It’s impossible to jump from the uncorrected state into the corrected one. We won’t understand the Creator and won’t become similar to Him unless we truly understand creation. By correcting ourselves internally we attain Him (Creator – Bo re) inside of us. This is the meaning of “Bo re” (Bo-Re), to come and see, to reach and get to know, which takes place inside of our inner progress, within the changes we undergo.

Within the black dot of creation that was made “out of nothing,” we have to repeat all the actions of the Light in order to let the Light fill us. But this fulfillment has to happen within our comprehension, knowledge and sensations.

That’s why we are “commanded” to recognize the whole process that our egoistic desire goes through, from the very bottom of its depth, for the sake of attainment of the property of bestowal: To “speak” about the exodus from Egypt.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/1/10, The Zohar

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