A Year In A Few Minutes

Laitman_041_03A question I received: In the spiritual world, a day, a month, and a year are not our calendar days. How can I reject the egoistic desires if the seven days can last for years according to our calendar time?

My Answer: In our world, we live according to the regular astronomical calendar that corresponds to the revolutions of Earth, Moon, and Sun. This defines our whole life.

Kabbalists, on the other hand, tell us what happens “inside” a man with our self-awareness and awareness of the world. A spiritual year, week, or day is in no way related to astronomical time. A person can pass a spiritual year in a few minutes or be in the state of Shabbat (Saturday), symbolizing the end of correction, in the middle of a week. Passover, when a person comes out of Egypt, can happen to him at any time.

There are spiritual roots and there are their consequences, the material branches are reflected in processes happening in nature. It is written, “Israel is above the stars and signs of fate.” A person that aspires toward the Creator (Isra-El means “straight to the Creator” in Hebrew) is above all these considerations in his spiritual development. This is why he advances without any relation to the astronomic calendar.

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When Peace Sets In

Laitman_007In every state, there are two lines: the Creator and the creature, or bestowal and reception. These two lines are opposite to one another; there is absolutely no link to be found between them. In addition, the more we advance, the more these lines diverge. The middle line that runs between them is not exactly a point of contact. These two lines descend all the way down, while the middle line begins above, in the upper degree.

I’ll never be able to unite these two lines in my current state, but only if I connect to the Upper One by canceling myself before it and ascending to the next degree. Once I am there, the two lines that I felt at my previous degree unite into one. They no longer oppose one another even though, before, they were polar opposites.

The middle line is always above the other two and it’s attained by rising above reason – that’s the definition of the “next degree.” There, the contradiction disappears.

We’re given these contradictions purposefully. As we are unable to deal with them, the contradictions force us to ascend upward.

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We Can Escape From Egypt Only Together

Laitman_016_01A question I received: Spiritual attainment could be both individual and general. Can there also be an individual and general exodus from Egypt?

My Answer: According to the spiritual law – the law of Nature – everything that happens in the particular happens in the general as well, and vice versa. In our time, an individual exodus from Egypt (exodus from egoism, crossing the Machsom) is no longer possible; the exodus can only be general.

The science of Kabbalah describes the process of exodus: The nation has the spiritual leaders, such like Moses and Aaron, yet it escapes from Egypt in its entirety. In other words, by connecting with each other, a large number of people come out of the exile. They rise above their egoism particularly by interconnecting, helping each other, and escaping from Pharaoh (our ego) together. That’s why specifically disseminating the science of Kabbalah and connecting among us can bring us redemption and take us out of Egypt.

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The Fishnet For The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat did the Kabbalists of the past prepare for us? They built the system that connects all of the broken souls with the Light of Infinity. They joined their corrected souls with a net that is reminiscent of  a fishnet. Through it, they pass the Light on to us, lowering it to our level.

The Fishnet Of The Upper Light If, by reading The Zohar, we attune ourselves to the reception of the Light of Infinity, it descends upon us. If not for the Kabbalists of the past generations, this net of Light we can connect to, would not exist. There would be only simple abstract Upper Light.

However, the Kabbalists performed the corrections by creating the web of connections among their souls. This way, they built the entire system of weakening and adapting the Lights, as well as passing them down toward us, degree after the degree, generation after generation. This makes the Light fit for our souls.

We can help the Kabbalists of the past by raising upward our prayer, MAN, our desire, in response to which the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) that Reforms comes to us from Above. The prayer is born as the result of the recognition of evil, as it is said, “I created the evil inclination and Torah (the Light) for its correction.”

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.01.10

Preparation to the Lesson
The Creator exists within the external Kelim, which seems foreign to me. A friend’s desire is the place where I can meet the Creator.
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The Book of Zohar – Selections for Passover, Chapter “Bo (Come Unto Pharaoh),” Item 178
Initially I lower my head before the Upper so He can work on me; later I can act upon my desire independently.
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Shaar HaKavanot, Concerning Passover Exodus, Lesson 4
The Kabbalists don’t describe the occurrences of the material world. What they do describe are the forms of interconnection between the Light and the desire that take place above space and time.
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Shamati #59 “About The Rod And The Serpent” 
“Serpent” is the force of opposition to the Creator. “Rod” is the leading force. It does not make any difference what is in my hands, the rod or the serpent, as long as I constantly countercheck them.
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Men, Women And…Chimpanzees

Laitman_420_02Question: Why are men and women always separated when they study Kabbalah?

Answer: The professional opinion of neurologists is that the difference between a male chimpanzee and a man is significantly less than the difference between an adult man and an adult woman. The genetic dimorphism is a lot stronger within the human race than between a man and a male Bonobo chimpanzee.

Question: The best donor for human transplants is considered a pig. Which animal brain is most similar in structure to a human brain?

Answer: If we take into consideration protein composition and DNA, we’ll see that it is very similar to a chimpanzee’s brain. For example, the difference in structural proteins of Bonobo chimpanzees that inhabit Western Africa and human beings is less than 1%.

The whole process of evolution is in fact an implementation of the desires of egoistic monsters who only wish to consume food, propagate (reproduce themselves) and dominate each other.  This is how a pack of chimpanzees is organized and at the same time it is similar to how a human society is constructed even in the most democratic and civilized countries.

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