Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.01.10

Preparation to the Lesson
The Creator exists within the external Kelim, which seems foreign to me. A friend’s desire is the place where I can meet the Creator.
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The Book of Zohar – Selections for Passover, Chapter “Bo (Come Unto Pharaoh),” Item 178
Initially I lower my head before the Upper so He can work on me; later I can act upon my desire independently.
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Shaar HaKavanot, Concerning Passover Exodus, Lesson 4
The Kabbalists don’t describe the occurrences of the material world. What they do describe are the forms of interconnection between the Light and the desire that take place above space and time.
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Shamati #59 “About The Rod And The Serpent” 
“Serpent” is the force of opposition to the Creator. “Rod” is the leading force. It does not make any difference what is in my hands, the rod or the serpent, as long as I constantly countercheck them.
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