When Peace Sets In

Laitman_007In every state, there are two lines: the Creator and the creature, or bestowal and reception. These two lines are opposite to one another; there is absolutely no link to be found between them. In addition, the more we advance, the more these lines diverge. The middle line that runs between them is not exactly a point of contact. These two lines descend all the way down, while the middle line begins above, in the upper degree.

I’ll never be able to unite these two lines in my current state, but only if I connect to the Upper One by canceling myself before it and ascending to the next degree. Once I am there, the two lines that I felt at my previous degree unite into one. They no longer oppose one another even though, before, they were polar opposites.

The middle line is always above the other two and it’s attained by rising above reason – that’s the definition of the “next degree.” There, the contradiction disappears.

We’re given these contradictions purposefully. As we are unable to deal with them, the contradictions force us to ascend upward.

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