Spiritual Hunger

Dr. Michael Laitman In order to reach spiritual life, there is no need to feel badly in our material life. We see this through the example of Egyptian slavery, where Jews had everything necessary for a good life. A new king came to power in Egypt and the seven years of famine began; however, this is spiritual rather than material hunger.

They built wonderful cities for Pharaoh: Pitom and Ramses. What do we mean when we say “for Pharaoh?” It was done for their egoism! They built a great life for it. However, suddenly it was revealed that all is empty…and we need to run from such a life, in spite of all its sated well-being.

I feel that spiritual life is more important than material life, and it is better to die than to live without it. I cannot live this life anymore; I need to reveal the spiritual. Therefore, I am willing to run into the dark and the desert.

This state is called coming out of Egypt. It is when a person needs to change his priorities and make them opposite to what is commonly accepted. However, the world doesn’t need to expose itself to corporeal suffering at all. Rather we should suffer only from the lack of spirituality, not from material problems.

A person cannot be driven into the spiritual world with a stick. People turn to religion and psychologists from corporeal problems. One needs to lack spirituality. This depends on how quickly his point in the heart is revealed and how broadly we are able to disseminate the science of Kabbalah.

Without the dissemination of this knowledge, spiritual deliverance cannot occur. A person is incapable of inventing a method of revealing spirituality on his own; one needs to receive it somehow. Therefore, Baal HaSulam called the dissemination of the science of Kabbalah "The Messiah’s Horn," since without this the world has no chance to change for the better.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 4/4/10, The Zohar.

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