Nothing Vanishes In Spirituality

Dr. Michael Laitman The articles in the book Shamati (I Heard) were not written by Baal HaSulam as works in which the writer examines every word, but rather, these articles were delivered as talks during meals with his students, which RABASH (Baal HaSulam’s son and first student) heard and later recorded on paper.

Baal HaSulam did not allow students to write anything down in his presence, including during the lesson. Until today, this approach existed throughout the entire history of Kabbalah. Throughout all generations, none of the Kabbalists recorded a single word during the studies, since it was forbidden to write.

After all, a student received the “oral” Torah, “from the mouth” of the teacher. One perceived in accordance with what he heard and comprehended. This is because when a person writes, he doesn’t comprehend. Whereas when a person listens, the material is absorbed; it enters one’s desires and qualities, thus raising him.

Moreover when one enters spirituality, every word that the teacher spoke including the minutest details, will be remembered. One remembers the form in which it was said, along with everything in its deepest meaning.

Nothing vanishes in spirituality. Our entire “movie” already exists and is premiering before us. We only need to learn to move from it and live in an absolutely new informational space.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/1/10, Shamati 59

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