The Law Of Roots And Branches – The Most Important Law In Kabbalah

Laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_5048A question I received: The science of Kabbalah explains the law of roots and branches. Knowing the laws of this world helps us in our everyday lives. But how can knowledge of spiritual laws help us? I am referring specifically to the law of roots and branches.

My Answer: The law of roots and branches is the main and most important law in the entire science of Kabbalah. According to this law, everything that happens in our world comes down from above in a unilateral, absolute order.

It is written: “There is not a blade of grass that has not an angel above it that strikes it and tells it to grow.” Angels are forces, and any action, thought, desire, event or occurrence, from the most elemental particle to the biggest stars and entire galaxies, is managed by an Upper Force.

This force divides and within it, is included a number of forces on the various levels of the inanimate, vegetative, animate and human. These are physical and biological forces that influence all levels, with all of them coming from Above.

This is why the law of roots and branches is very important. With the science of Kabbalah, and learning the law of roots and branches, we can rise from the branches of our world toward the roots. We will begin to see our world as transparent and behind every object, we will see the force which manages it and brings it to action.

A person will begin to sense where his thoughts and desires come from and why things happen to him and to others. He will begin to see how a net of forces acts on this world and how it playfully and through various wavelike movements, organizes everything that occurs here for us. In this way, a person begins a dialogue with this Upper Force, with the root through which its own force operates everything in our world.

A person begins to understand where he can step in and have a dialogue with the Creator who is behind these forces, in order to respond, participate, change and consciously intervene. This is the only place in this entire net of forces that acts on him from the inside and out and where he can actively participate.

Although we are not conscious of it, we are inside of a picture prepared and formed for us by these forces. I have to come to understand how I can actively take part in this picture. In other words, how I can control my fate.

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  1. The balancing forces are strongly at work. There is very little godly order navigating
    the current global situation. Let us pray that the suffering and suppression of the most vulnerable will be corrected in the very near future.

    Develop rational thought and apply it in a contemporary enviroment. God is with those that are with the Mater Plan. Godly faith the key to the future. Build this faith by asking for it to be given in the correct measure each day. One step each day. One challenge at a time. Sleep enough and eat healthy food.

    Thank you rabbi Laitman for sharing your thoughts. They are most welcome.

  2. Seems to me that the “law of roots & branches” is much the same as the axiom :”as above,so below” that is so popular with the the osophists?

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