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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Many European countries are in a state of growing separation. What can our European groups do to stop this trend?

Answer: The fact is that separation will continue. Europe will continue on the path of protectionism since problems and unemployment will continue to grow.

The growing mutual separation is a quality of Haman, egoistic qualities, which need to be presented with an opposite quality, the quality of the connection between us.

Also, you will see how people suddenly begin to understand that if they were to follow the path of separation and alienation, they would hurt themselves in a horrible way.

Europe would cease to be a civilized part of the world. These countries need to come closer despite the mutual repulsion. There is no other salvation. This needs to be explained everywhere and discussed during seminars.

All the European groups need to unite into a single group to do this.

Imagine the enormous power that will come from the unity of all the groups from all the countries and the lone students from the different corners of Europe!

You will see that everyone else will speak your words. They suddenly will begin to understand you, and they will advance your ideas independently without even knowing you. They will get this through a common net that you will create between you. Thus, everything depends on us.

This is a wonderful time! Despite all the past problems, try rising above them. Embrace as if nothing ever happened! Leave all the problems below, and you, above them. You must forget everything, get together and start a new life on a blank page.

This is a special state of the higher atmosphere to which we must connect and begin our new life. You will see that this year you will rise. You will gain respect and be valued. The world will regard you as the guide on their journey to the good and right state.
Excerpt from a Virtual Lesson 2/24/13

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  1. The hearts are uniting applying the Mind. Close your eyes and see the happy little children running freely, fearless in the parks. Smiling and happy. Daddies are watching. Everything is going ok…..Mommies looking at fathers with respect coming from love. Daddies looking at mothers with love coming from respect. A perfect circle.

    The new world.

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