The Future Of Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How important is the convention in Europe and how is it connected to the global state on the continent?

Answer: Throughout hundreds of years, Europe had considered itself the “beacon” of humanity. It conquered the world, defeated it, colonized it, and subjugated it, wanting to show the whole world that this is the way to behave. In this, Europe saw the future of humanity.

The result was quite the opposite; a good and bright future awaits neither Western nor Eastern Europe. And now the rest of the world, Asia, Africa, and so on will gradually be presenting their claims to Europe because the rest of the world was working for Europe.

If Europe wants to position itself correctly relative to itself as well as to the rest of the world in the way that the next few years will not boomerang back at it, it must turn to the new integral society as soon as possible, to introduce it there and to attract the rest of humanity to it. This is how it will show that its future lies precisely in this.

If Europe would do this, then naturally it would have a future and the rest of humanity will aspire towards it because it will correspond to the laws of nature.

However, if it does not start to do that, then this will be its general ruin. Very quickly, we will see how there will practically be nothing left of the Eurasian continent, possibly including even Russia. Meaning, that Europe, relative to the rest of the world will become the same as Africa is to Europe today.

This can happen very soon since the economy and society are very fragile and so integrally connected to each other that if there is a breakdown in one place, like there is now in the European Union, then it simultaneously affects all of the countries on different levels. Everything can collapse like a house of cards.

Europe must understand and realize that its future is in homeostasis with nature, in balance with nature, in the study of the nature’s trend. This is precisely what it should correspond to.

This is what the science of Kabbalah teaches: our integral society and mutual guarantee, the essence of which we are trying to explain to everyone. That is why our convention must be dedicated to this question, and also to working out how to address Europe.

We must be ready for the protest movements and demonstrations, which will be happening in all countries.

Now, the groups of North America are systematically passing out flyers with our comprehensive explanations and we see how the society is starting to apprehend it, feel it, and is demanding further explanation and bringing us towards various kinds of joint actions and so on.

We have to do the same in Europe. We need to prepare a package of explanatory material in advance, which must be properly prepared, well written and stated beautifully considering the different European languages and mentalities of each country. We need to seriously work on this in advance.

Introducing the masses to the system of integral education is the most important thing we can do in Europe.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 2/12/12

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