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Giving The World A Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy creating a network of interconnections, we lead the world; we are becoming the world’s “center of bestowal.” Humanity is experiencing suffering, but is not able to reveal the reason behind it and that is why it does not know how to get rid of it. This is already visible and will be felt more and more. This is why we must as soon as possible explain and tell the people about the reason behind the crisis, about its nature, and how to get out of it.

Without this we cannot say that we are bestowing upon the world. We need to participate in the misfortunes of people with all our strength, to feel their pain and demands more than our own. This is our main purpose. This is what we exist for. That is why it is necessary in the shortest time possible to come out into the world with the explanation of what is going on. The world will not be able to discern the solution on its own. This obliges us to create networks for the preparation of educators, creating content, and so on.

This is our work. Thanks to it we will move forward ourselves, only in dissemination and care for the neighbors.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/12, “Questions and Answers”

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Work During The Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must keep the intention towards unity. This is because the whole benefit is concealed in this precise intention. What we hear at the lessons is not that important. What is important is that during the lessons we can continuously work on the unity of all our friends in the whole world. To the extent of our efforts to unite, we move forward, and this is where all of our benefit lies.

However, if we do not work during the lesson, it can give us a sort of an understanding, move us forward a little bit, but this will not be spiritual development.

This week we are watching the recordings of the lessons from the congress in the Arava. A question arises: During this, can we reach even stronger unity than what we attained there? If not, it would be better to return to the usual routine of the lesson. The answer remains up to you.

The most important thing here is to constantly work on unity. It is not about how much I understand (this is completely unimportant), but it is about how much effort I apply toward unity. Since it is precisely in unity that I will be able to feel what is being talked about.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/12, “Questions and Answers”

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The Unemployed Must Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Huffington Post): “Republicans in the U.S. Senate want the long-term unemployed to volunteer for 20 hours a week in order to receive unemployment insurance.

“A bill introduced Thursday by Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) would also require claimants drawing benefits six months or longer to search for work at least 20 hours a week.

“’Engagement in volunteer service will encourage unemployed workers to maintain job skills, marketability, and a sense of self-worth while providing for the betterment of their communities,’ Burr said in a statement. ‘Even more, the active job search requirement will enhance the integrity of the unemployment system and its ability to identify and serve those most in need.’”

My Comment: There is no need for workers to occupy fictitious positions; there will be no need for them anymore. This will only deepen the crisis, putting unnecessary strains on the budget. What we need for our survival is to organize for everybody a course on integral society in order to become similar to the unified system of nature.

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Nature In Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Vladimir Chuprov,  spokesman for Greenpeace Russia): “Today’s weather anomalies are the result of imbalance in the climate system, caused mostly by human intervention into the atmosphere, when the temperature on the planet has increased on average by 0.8 Celsius after the change of the chemical composition of the air.

“This change is enough to shake the whole climate system and get a 10-degree (C) deviation from the norm, as it is happening now.

“We have to live and adapt to this weather. The most that we can do is not to worsen the situation so that the temperature and pressure do not change even more.

“There are two ways to do it: to adapt and to reduce greenhouse emissions. In the first case, this means to restructure the economies to suit the new conditions.

“With regard to emissions, it is necessary to switch to new energy sources and a more efficient use of energy. This involves the transition to a low-carbon economy, to green energy, and renewable sources of energy.

Comment: The only solution to the problem is to immediately reduce production to the required level (reasonable consumption) and gradually shift to eco-energy.

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Nostalgic About The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe had a special convention in the desert, which had a very strong impact on all of us and gave everyone a sensation of a certain new capacity of desire (Kli), and today it is very important for us to work with this vessel.

Every moment, every day, we will continue to see increasing consequences of this new desire. It will not be lost, forgotten, or disappear like everything else in this life, retreating under the pressure of a new day. On the contrary, what we experience today will help grow everything we have attained there. And we will see our present only from the focus and perspective of the convention, through the prism of the society and unity that we received there.

To realize this in practice, we need to return to the same material, and preferably study it together, with at least ten people. As we return to the same material, we will continue to rouse the memories (Reshimot) of it, and critically analyze them from the point of view of today.

And even though we will be present in the same conversation, it will not be like watching a Hollywood movie or a nostalgic memory. We do not return to the past state; now we want to attract the same deep impression from our past into the present, into our current desires, and experience it all over.

But I do not return into that old picture I had there. I am not concerned with when it happened, where it happened, and who was there: I do not look at any of it now, even though I cherish these memories as a wonderful part of my life. However, now I want to work with all of it and use it for my new state.

Some time has gone by, I have changed; I have left that place and seem to have returned to my old, regular routine. But I want to raise my regular life to that same level. And this is why I return to the same inspired feeling I experienced before, but to raise it to the height of the current burdening (Aviut) of harsher disturbances and concerns.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/12, Shamati #25

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Social Inequality Is Killing Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “Social inequality is killing us, and in the literal sense of the word. It is known that long-lived and healthy people do not live in wealthy countries, but where there is more trust in relationships between people. Scientists found an explanation for this phenomenon.

“Studying the health of people, we can learn about the structure of society, and studying the structure of society, we can learn about health: The higher the social contrasts in the country, the greater the difference in mortality between the top and the bottom layers of society. For example, in Glasgow, life expectancy for the lower classes is 54 years, and for the elite it is 82. And in Finland, where the gap is small, the difference in mortality between the upper and lower ranks is only two, not three times greater.

“But most surprisingly, in the countries where the general level of socio-economic inequality is low, everyone lives longer: both the lower and the upper classes, and the overall health of the people there is much better. Inequality is bad not only for those at the ‘bottom,’ but also for those at the ‘top.’ Where society is more homogeneous in social terms, all its members have more opportunities to control and predict their own lives.

“The rules of social interaction should be clear to everyone and recognized as fair. If the lower strata of society and the elite perceive the established order as unfair and dishonest, then in this situation, stress is guaranteed to virtually all parts of the hierarchy: the middle, the lower, and the higher. And the increasing nationwide mortality is but a reflection of this state of affairs.”

Comment: Based on this research, it is clear how balance, in this case, in terms of social homogeneity and consent, gets the society out of the crises of disease, death, and depression.

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Guarantor For An Unlimited Amount

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person becomes filled with sacred spiritual sparks, and connection is always sanctity when it is for the sake of the mutual guarantee, adhesion with the Creator.

Now we have slightly moved away from this state because we have to do other things, and we no longer have the tight contact we managed to achieve at the convention through our efforts and help from Above.

And today once again, we need to look for this common thought, the feeling of community so we would maintain and strengthen our connection even though we have returned to various parts of the world.

All our friends around the world need to feel how we keep strengthening our connection from day to day. It should not be something accidental, which appears several times a year from one convention to another. Otherwise, we will not get the desired results.

Therefore, we need less empty talk and more work every single moment on preserving the attained connection. And moreover, we need to turn our aspiration for the past unity into a current, real state. The moment we remember something from the past, our memory should not be nostalgic sadness.

This sadness about the past needs to be felt in the present and lead to a new state of increasing connection between us. And even though my friends are not in a physical contact with me now, I feel our true, inner contact: the same feeling, the same nature, but with an even greater strength than before.

And the main thing that now needs to be added to the connection we had there is our mutual responsibility to keep and continue to increase this connection. This responsibility towards each other is called the mutual guarantee. This way we keep guaranteeing more and more for one another, as if we were signing guarantees for even greater amounts every single day.

We guarantee for one another that we will overcome all the obstacles of time, movement, and space, and of all forgetfulness, that special force that operates in us! We do not need anything else: just to maintain the attained unity in new difficult conditions. And we understand that for this we constantly need to keep increasing its protection and our mutual guarantee, our connection; only this will allow us to rise.

After all, the only difference between all the degrees of ascent is only a more detailed realization of details of every new degree. Every higher degree is greater than the previous one because I consider more elements of bestowal, connection, and mutual guarantee than before. Thus we need to evaluate what we have attained today in relation to yesterday.

It seems to be the same feeling, the same state, the same friends, but I recognize more details and better understand how much I need the mutual guarantee and support, for others to support me, and for me to support them. The increase in the number and significance of all the details is a good sign, which shows that we have really risen.

We need to very precisely distinguish a simple nostalgia from building new advanced states on the foundation of past state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/12, Shamati #25

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The Arms In Which The World Rests

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to “look at the world through the prism of the group?”

Answer: As man approaches spirituality, he discovers the connection between all parts of creation. This is called approaching the revelation of the Creator, after all the Creator is the power which unites, connects, and controls everything you now see.

Essentially, you only add a connection to the image of this world by revealing that everything is in a single net. We begin to see this connection through the connection in the group, which guarantees the beginning of this net for us.

We see the world in this form, noticing the strings that connect all the parts, which depend on one another and are governed by one force, which spins and rouses them through the change in connections between all these elements. The actual elements remain the same: The only thing that changes is the nature of their connection, and this constantly makes the world advance.

This is the essence of all the renewal that happens in the world, which leads to the descent of some and the ascent of others, and thus they interact between them. Everything is predetermined to the very last atom, not to mention people and countries.

Seeing that the entire world is governed by this net already is the correct perception of reality, which appears through perceiving the group as a certain big system, a single organism.

Besides, we begin to see ourselves as an active, operational part of this net of the upper Force, which governs and advances the entire world towards the final goal. We can activate this net and direct it towards a special form of development, depending on our behavior. The more we increase our work with the upper Force, which operates in this net, the nicer we will make the further development of the world, which rests on this net, like in a mother’s arms. This way we improve its future.

And the other way around, the moment we weaken and fail to correlate our movements with the movements that happen in the net, which are directed towards bestowal, the goal, where the entire humanity is directed, by doing this we weaken the upper Force which operates in the net. And then the entire world begins to experience big manifestations of their egoistic nature in their lives where different foreign forces, which are far from the spiritual and bestowal, operate.

Then these cruel forces rise and reinforce themselves in all the elements that are connected by the common net, which leads to sad consequences.

But the actual net and the elements in it do not change. Only these elements are egoistic, while the net is altruistic because this is a higher, spiritual system, the Light, which fills the space between all the parts. This is why everything depends on where we (the parts which exists in this system) connect.

This net has elements which maintain its existence; they are called “forefathers” or the Initial System (Merkeva). They are also called the “36 righteous,” which maintain the world (36 is not a number, but a certain notion in Kabbalah). There are certain preparations inside this net, without which it would not be able to exist, because otherwise, the force of evil and separation would blow up this entire system and break the mutual connections.

This is why there are corrected souls (“forefathers” and all the Kabbalists of all generations) inside this system who hold this world. And we need to try to add our efforts to their work. This is called “becoming ashes beneath the feet of the righteous.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/12, Shamati #25

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Our Connection Matters Most

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I check that I strengthen my connection with friends during the lesson?

Answer: First of all, this is most important. Our spiritual gain increases when we constantly strengthen the connection even more than at the last convention in the Arava. You need to add new efforts to what you felt there. The Light that Reforms comes when during the lessons we listen to the story about the spiritual system on a whole and about its structure. However, emotional inspiration is higher during mutual actions of unity. And this is why we need to connect one with the other.

In any case, we have to feel like we are together at the lesson. Even if we hate each other, like the friends from the group of Rabbi Shimon, we nevertheless feel the state of our interconnection.

Question: A certain image might be appearing in me, but how do I turn it into a common asset and reward?

Answer: The group, the system, and my attitude towards my friends, everything must merge into one, into a single image besides which nothing else exists. Until you focus on it, the target will not be in your cross-hairs. However, you must work on strengthening your interconnection even at the expense of comprehending the material. This is the difference between wisdom and acting smartly.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/2012, Questions and Answers

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