The Arms In Which The World Rests

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to “look at the world through the prism of the group?”

Answer: As man approaches spirituality, he discovers the connection between all parts of creation. This is called approaching the revelation of the Creator, after all the Creator is the power which unites, connects, and controls everything you now see.

Essentially, you only add a connection to the image of this world by revealing that everything is in a single net. We begin to see this connection through the connection in the group, which guarantees the beginning of this net for us.

We see the world in this form, noticing the strings that connect all the parts, which depend on one another and are governed by one force, which spins and rouses them through the change in connections between all these elements. The actual elements remain the same: The only thing that changes is the nature of their connection, and this constantly makes the world advance.

This is the essence of all the renewal that happens in the world, which leads to the descent of some and the ascent of others, and thus they interact between them. Everything is predetermined to the very last atom, not to mention people and countries.

Seeing that the entire world is governed by this net already is the correct perception of reality, which appears through perceiving the group as a certain big system, a single organism.

Besides, we begin to see ourselves as an active, operational part of this net of the upper Force, which governs and advances the entire world towards the final goal. We can activate this net and direct it towards a special form of development, depending on our behavior. The more we increase our work with the upper Force, which operates in this net, the nicer we will make the further development of the world, which rests on this net, like in a mother’s arms. This way we improve its future.

And the other way around, the moment we weaken and fail to correlate our movements with the movements that happen in the net, which are directed towards bestowal, the goal, where the entire humanity is directed, by doing this we weaken the upper Force which operates in the net. And then the entire world begins to experience big manifestations of their egoistic nature in their lives where different foreign forces, which are far from the spiritual and bestowal, operate.

Then these cruel forces rise and reinforce themselves in all the elements that are connected by the common net, which leads to sad consequences.

But the actual net and the elements in it do not change. Only these elements are egoistic, while the net is altruistic because this is a higher, spiritual system, the Light, which fills the space between all the parts. This is why everything depends on where we (the parts which exists in this system) connect.

This net has elements which maintain its existence; they are called “forefathers” or the Initial System (Merkeva). They are also called the “36 righteous,” which maintain the world (36 is not a number, but a certain notion in Kabbalah). There are certain preparations inside this net, without which it would not be able to exist, because otherwise, the force of evil and separation would blow up this entire system and break the mutual connections.

This is why there are corrected souls (“forefathers” and all the Kabbalists of all generations) inside this system who hold this world. And we need to try to add our efforts to their work. This is called “becoming ashes beneath the feet of the righteous.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/12, Shamati #25

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