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Debt Forgiveness Is The Last And Only Remedy

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D): “Debt forgiveness, therefore, accomplishes two important things. It eliminates the increasing and outsized portion of productive enterprise to pay off unproductive obligations, and it clears the ground for new opportunities, new thinking, invention, and entrepreneurship.

“Currently we are mired in a ‘new normal’ and calls for ‘austerity’ which are nothing more than the delusional efforts of a status quo to avoid the consequences of its own error and fraud and to profit evermore. So bedazzled by the false wealth created by debt multiplication and its concomitant fantasy of ever-higher returns, this status quo continues to be stupidly amazed that people are not spending and that the economy is not picking up.

“This subtle debt extortion creates a system of never-ending debt-slavery for a vast majority of the population.

“Debt forgiveness simply calls out either the inherent systemic inability to make good on debts or the recognition that debt was produced through fraudulent means. In the present situation, both conditions obtain. There has likely been no point in world history where debt forgiveness has been so comprehensively merited. The only speculation from my point (barring world-wide global feudalism and eternal debt slavery) is whether we will initiate such forgiveness or be forced into it.”

My Comment: But this is just one of the first steps; we cannot return to the real economy through this. We need to re-educate people in advance and create an integral economy of reasonable consumption.

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Group As A Guarantee For Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanScientists still think that the intellect is a guarantee of our success and development. The individualism of the wise is preferred over all other qualities. Geniuses have been in fashion for 500 years already!

But the wise individualists are not able to motivate humanity, to develop civilization, especially nowadays, when the world has become global, closed, and when we find ourselves in a network of specialty experts connected between themselves.

Thus, nowadays, when the world is becoming more and more integral, we, the individualists, the egoists, the smart alecks, suddenly discover that we don’t understand how it is constructed and are not able to manage it. For this, we need our unified, collective intellect that is not built on competition but on concessions, on the correct work in our analog network of connection of the entire humanity.

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Second Lecture In Beijing

On March 4, 2012, our students in China held a second lecture in Beijing. The lecture was part of the series titled “The Three Apples that Changed the World,” which introduces the wisdom of Kabbalah to the public.

This time the audience consisted of artists working in Songzhuang Art Village in Beijing. More than 30 people came to the lecture that lasted for three hours. About 30 books were sold, and then the meeting continued…. in a restaurant. The next lecture will take place in two weeks.


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The Laws Of Nature Are A Stubborn Thing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is written in “Purpose of Society (1)” by Rabash: “We have gathered here to establish a society for all who wish to study and follow the laws of nature.” What are these laws of nature?

Answer: “God” (אלה-ים), is “nature” (הטבע) according to Gematria. Studying and carrying out the Creator’s will is the same as studying and carrying out the laws of nature.

The world is in a crisis that has no solution, and we have to know what is happening. Why are we not able to get along with nature? Why do we bring new disasters upon ourselves every single day? Animals and vegetation are disappearing; there is deforestation; people are dying from contamination…. Briefly speaking, we are destroying nature. And you see yourself how it responds to this.

And finally, what is happening to my wallet? Even if I have several million in the bank, I do not know what to do with them. Today no one can tell me where to invest it to make sure it is safe.

So, tomorrow is in the dark. I do not know what I am preparing for my children and grandchildren, I do not know whether we will have anything to eat and how we can provide for ourselves. We all want certainty and fulfillment, and no one promises me fulfillment tomorrow. On the contrary, everyone says that there will be a collapse.

Why? Today it is clear that no one knows the reasons why. We have decent comprehension of the crisis situation and we have discovered that there is not a single sage in the world who could explain to us what is actually happening.

In this case, it is necessary to turn to nature and learn from it—if it is possible, of course. And so I am told that there is a science, opportunities that will give me the necessary knowledge to provide for a better future for myself. And then I begin to study; maybe things are not that complicated after all? It’s the same way a businessman turns to a consulting firm that can give him the right advice, for example, to buy gold or quickly sell his factory.

This also refers to simple things: I want to be healthy, have a place to live, provide for my family, give a good education to my children, and be safe and well off in general. This is a normal and rational level of one’s demands. But today it is unattainable because of a total multi-crisis.

So how can we come out of it? We need to study the laws of nature in which we exist. After all, we do not know enough about it and man. Possibly, human beings have qualities and faculties that can help us to make it less bad, destructive, and harmful. And this will make the world better.

Indeed, it is clear that only man is the source of all the misfortunes. Everyone agrees with it, but it is followed by a sacramental question: “But what can we do?” So, there is a science that explains how to correct man. Do it and everything will work out.

Otherwise, we are following the path of the dinosaurs. Species are disappearing fast, and we might end up “back at the bottom of the ladder” in the coming years. And we are not even told everything to avoid panic in the society. And really, why should people know all the truth if it will make them lose their minds from the impending threat? We often are sincerely willing to close our eyes to an impending disaster, if we do not know the ways to prevent it. It is written regarding this: “We will eat and drink since we will die tomorrow.”

And this is why it is necessary to disseminate the message about the method of correction and make it clear, pleasant, and accessible to everyone. If we become acquainted with the laws that operate in nature and in man, if we understand the way they interact, the key to good changes will be in our hands. And if not, the crisis will continue to spread. We will not be able to end it; on the contrary, things will only get worse.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/2012

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Salt And Pepper In Spiritual Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanEven when a person finally begins to hear what is being said about different kinds of bestowal that need to be attained, there is still a big difference in what bestowal he wants to enjoy. And then it is important with what bestowal he wants to bring contentment—changes also happen there. After all, he begins to understand that there is egoistic bestowal.

And this is what we reveal in the group. We enjoy getting together, it lifts our spirits and we feel inspired—so why not unite? Besides, we think that it helps us advance spiritually. But let us think: What are we are advancing towards? It is pleasure, even though it seems to be due to bestowal! Is this already spiritual pleasure or not yet?

However, in either case, we exert efforts and the Light affects us, clarifying our desires. As a consequence, we begin to better understand the different types of reception and bestowal—for whose sake they are performed—until we finally begin to perceive new flavors, which happens only with the help of the Light that Reforms, only by the group effort.

Now a person is able to distinguish between “strong spices” and the “food” itself. On one hand, he needs his desires to receive as “spices.” But on the other, he does not enjoy them, but the real “food” whose flavor they bring out—his degree of bestowal. One is built on the other.

And one does not need a lot of pepper, salt, or mustard to bring out the flavor of food, even though you cannot manage without them either. The same happens with our efforts to add our own aspiration to the work of the Light. It does not need to be big; a big effort is not required of us. But this effort is necessary and it helps us “find.”

This is why we need to try to evaluate every state we experience: Whether our states are really spiritual and stand for spiritual advancement? Or perhaps these are additives with an opposite flavor: pepper, salt, and mustard, and not the flavor of the Light and bestowal. These additives help to separate the form of bestowal, the Light that comes to us, on their background—the form that is expected of us from Above.

But this work is very important; it is necessary for preparation of spiritual vessels. Our work is to make efforts, which leads to a “finding,” as it is written: “I have labored and found!” This is the main principal of spiritual advancement.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/2012, Shamati #117

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The Most Important Thing Is To Open Your Eyes

Dr. Michael LaitmanCorrection occurs from the easiest to increasingly more difficult. However, the due correction seems difficult to us on every degree, and we cannot imagine anything bigger and harder. Every person perceives it according to their own degree.

Yet if we look at the whole spiritual ladder, it is certain that the higher we rise, the more difficult the desires we work with are. But with the experience that one has already received and the partially corrected desires that he has previously reached, it is easier for a person to overcome these hardships and advance.

It is written that “wisdom comes with experience.” Thus we perceive corrections with more ease, they become clearer to us. The key is to conquer the first degree. The most difficult thing is to open your eyes.

Let’s hope that we will accomplish it very soon. It depends on the world and us since we are inseparable from each other.
From the Preparation for the Lesson 3/9/2012

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There Is No Place For Aggression

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the process of communication, people often become subconsciously aggressive. Should we somehow let a person know that he is aggressive at a given moment, even if subconsciously, without noticing it, or should this be left as material for integral work and clarification?

Answer: I think that all of this will begin to straighten out in the group, even when it starts studying the introductory materials.

But there are people who don’t respond to this, who don’t hear. They need to be placed in separate groups. That’s a different matter.

Usually, the general aggression subsides quickly in the face of the great goal that you set before people, when they approximate themselves to some new whole, in order to discover a perfect world and harmony. When you explain the structure of the universe to them, perception of reality, here they begin “to stumble,” meaning that there is no room for some petty, personal aggression.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #11, 12/16/11

Without You The Upper One Will Never Be Great

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs the worlds expand from above downward, every Partzuf is smaller than the Partzuf that preceded it, like its another try to utilize itself on a lower level. Suppose that on the lower part of the Partzuf of Galgalta I cannot receive a steak for the sake of bestowal, but I can receive fish. This attempt to add something else is called Partzuf AB.

In the lower part of Partzuf AB I cannot receive fish, but I can receive a salad, and this is called Partzuf SAG. Each time I have another opportunity to add on a lower level than before. Thus the path back from below upward is prepared for us, on which we rise from this world to the world of Infinity, by adding on each level.

You rise since with your Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) of the lower one, you can add something to the AHP of the upper one. Although it may seem to you that you cannot add anything to it—after all, the AHP of the upper one is very big compared to you and you only annul yourself in it, like an embryo in relation to his mother—by that you add the state of greatness (Gadlut) to the upper one. Without you, it could never become great.

Although you exist as a vegetable there, by totally annulling your personality, you are enabling the upper one to be great on its upper level.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/2012, TES

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The Forefathers: Then And Now

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”: Indeed, there is no dispute here, for everyone admits that to begin with, it is enough to start with one nation …for the beginning of the correction of the world. Undoubtedly, both the physical purity and the mental exaltedness of our Holy Fathers greatly influenced their sons and their sons’ sons, and their righteousness reflected upon that generation, whose members all assumed that sublime work, and each and every one stated clearly, “We shall do and we shall hear.” Because of that, we were chosen, out of necessity, to be a chosen people from among all the nations.

We study the general system that stems from the four phases of the expansion of the Direct Light. The Light operates on the desire that it created as “existence from absence,” and inevitably, the desire develops by the four phases. Only in the last phase does it feel itself separated from the root, from the Light, and in this state perceives the root as the bestowing one and itself as the receiving one.

As a result of this feeling of separation, the oppositeness in attributes, the desire restricts itself and performs internal changes in order to resemble the root. The root gives it the feeling of self-deficiency that stems from the evil and lowliness of receiving, and so the desire wants to change itself and to resemble its root.

The four phases create the matrix of Yod-Key-Vav-Key (HaVaYaH), or the “the name of the Creator.” This means that the Creator imprints His name, His action, in matter, meaning in the desire of the created being.

All our development occurs following the format of Yod-Key-Vav-Key, through the four phases and their root, or through the five worlds. In each one there are five Partzufim, and each one is divided into five Sefirot, a total of 125 degrees.

The five general stages of development are divided according to the Aviut (depth, “thickness”) of the desire, from the root (zero) level until the fourth phase, or into five Sefirot: Keter, Hochma, Bina, ZA, and Malchut, or five Partzufim: Galgalta, AB, SAG, MA, and BON, or five worlds: AK, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya. In short, the format of HaVaYaH surrounds everything, and there is nothing else in reality except for these five parts of the desire to receive. The Creator is also inside.

Accordingly, the last phase, Malchut, which needs correction, also includes five phases that are corrected gradually, starting with the “tip of Yod.” The levels that preceded us are called “forefathers” and “sons.” And we stem from them. This is the order of the correction of the vessels.

In fact, the level of the forefathers begins from Adam who was the first to discover the Creator. Then came the souls who do not belong to this world, although we call them Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and so on. It is a matter of numerology, as the name reflects the level that the soul attained in its correction.

We come after all these souls from the degrees of HBD and HGT, and we belong to the degrees of NHY. On the whole, all the souls make up the general vessel, and so at our stage we should see the continuation of the previous levels. Our small level is also divided into three corresponding parts: HBD, HGT, and NHY. In this round we are the forefathers with regards to the last degree, the last generation.

So we are connected to the forefathers because all the Sefirot match one another and are connected. Because we belong to the level of the forefathers, it is hard for us to be corrected. After all, it isn’t just about something that exists; rather, we have to rise in our mind and heart, in awareness and understanding, in clear attainment, and in a large scale, finite, and perfect action.

So we should be grateful that we were privileged to be the first. Yes, it is not easy. There are people in the world who prefer a “quiet place” and little responsibility, but there are those who want to spread the Creator’s name in the world. There is nothing we can do, it doesn’t depend on us; however, we should be grateful that we received such a special role, we should be proud. You can be a farmer, for instance, and simultaneously disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah.

There are many interruptions along this difficult path, which are especially meant for us. It will be much easier for others. We will build schools, kindergartens, and different systems for the new world: industry, management, government, and health care systems, and then people will enliven all that.

But it is us who attain the Creator fully and wholly, not like the forefathers in the past. They only had the Light of Nefesh, while we attain the head of the level with the greatest vessels of NHY, the essence of the Thought of Creation itself. This is because the wisdom of Kabbalah begins with the question about the meaning of our lives, about knowing the Creator, about attaining Godliness. All this is revealed on our degree.
From the Arava Convention 2/25/12, Lesson 7

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