The Laws Of Nature Are A Stubborn Thing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is written in “Purpose of Society (1)” by Rabash: “We have gathered here to establish a society for all who wish to study and follow the laws of nature.” What are these laws of nature?

Answer: “God” (אלה-ים), is “nature” (הטבע) according to Gematria. Studying and carrying out the Creator’s will is the same as studying and carrying out the laws of nature.

The world is in a crisis that has no solution, and we have to know what is happening. Why are we not able to get along with nature? Why do we bring new disasters upon ourselves every single day? Animals and vegetation are disappearing; there is deforestation; people are dying from contamination…. Briefly speaking, we are destroying nature. And you see yourself how it responds to this.

And finally, what is happening to my wallet? Even if I have several million in the bank, I do not know what to do with them. Today no one can tell me where to invest it to make sure it is safe.

So, tomorrow is in the dark. I do not know what I am preparing for my children and grandchildren, I do not know whether we will have anything to eat and how we can provide for ourselves. We all want certainty and fulfillment, and no one promises me fulfillment tomorrow. On the contrary, everyone says that there will be a collapse.

Why? Today it is clear that no one knows the reasons why. We have decent comprehension of the crisis situation and we have discovered that there is not a single sage in the world who could explain to us what is actually happening.

In this case, it is necessary to turn to nature and learn from it—if it is possible, of course. And so I am told that there is a science, opportunities that will give me the necessary knowledge to provide for a better future for myself. And then I begin to study; maybe things are not that complicated after all? It’s the same way a businessman turns to a consulting firm that can give him the right advice, for example, to buy gold or quickly sell his factory.

This also refers to simple things: I want to be healthy, have a place to live, provide for my family, give a good education to my children, and be safe and well off in general. This is a normal and rational level of one’s demands. But today it is unattainable because of a total multi-crisis.

So how can we come out of it? We need to study the laws of nature in which we exist. After all, we do not know enough about it and man. Possibly, human beings have qualities and faculties that can help us to make it less bad, destructive, and harmful. And this will make the world better.

Indeed, it is clear that only man is the source of all the misfortunes. Everyone agrees with it, but it is followed by a sacramental question: “But what can we do?” So, there is a science that explains how to correct man. Do it and everything will work out.

Otherwise, we are following the path of the dinosaurs. Species are disappearing fast, and we might end up “back at the bottom of the ladder” in the coming years. And we are not even told everything to avoid panic in the society. And really, why should people know all the truth if it will make them lose their minds from the impending threat? We often are sincerely willing to close our eyes to an impending disaster, if we do not know the ways to prevent it. It is written regarding this: “We will eat and drink since we will die tomorrow.”

And this is why it is necessary to disseminate the message about the method of correction and make it clear, pleasant, and accessible to everyone. If we become acquainted with the laws that operate in nature and in man, if we understand the way they interact, the key to good changes will be in our hands. And if not, the crisis will continue to spread. We will not be able to end it; on the contrary, things will only get worse.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/2012

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