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Collaboration: A Property Inherent In Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., physicist and systems theorist, a founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California): “The systems view looks at the world in terms of relationships and integration. Systems are integrated wholes whose properties cannot be reduced to those of smaller units. Instead of concentrating on basic building blocks or basic substances, the systems approach emphasizes basic principles of organization. Examples of systems abound in nature. Every organism – from the smallest bacterium through the wide range of plants and animals to humans – is an integrated whole and thus a living system. Cells are living systems, and so are the various tissues and organs of the body, the human brain being the most complex example. But systems are not confined to individual organisms and their parts. The same aspects of wholeness are exhibited by social systems – such as an anthill, a beehive, or a human family – and by ecosystems that consist of a variety of organisms and inanimate matter in mutual interaction. What is preserved in a wilderness area is not individual trees or organisms but the complex web of relationships between them.

“The more one studies the living world the more one comes to realize that the tendency to associate, establish links, live inside one another and cooperate is an essential characteristic of living organisms. As Lewis Thomas has observed, ‘We do not have solitary beings. Every creature is, in some sense, connected to and dependent on the rest.’ Larger networks of organisms form ecosystems, together with various inanimate components linked to the animals, plants, and microorganisms through an intricate web of relations involving the exchange of matter and energy in continual cycles. Like individual organisms, ecosystems are self-organizing and self-regulating systems in which particular populations of organisms undergo periodic fluctuations. Because of the nonlinear nature of the pathways and interconnections within an ecosystem, any serious disturbance will not be limited to a single effect but is likely to spread throughout the system and may even be amplified by its internal feedback mechanisms.”

My Comment: Today, all sciences point to the intergality of nature, its closed system. The reason for these discoveries is that man has become such a system himself and thus can better understand the world he lives in.

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China Will Combat The Crisis Through Euro Economic Reforms

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao): “Premier Wen Jiabao said his country needed ‘urgent’ economic and political reforms. Without them, it might face more tragedies like the Cultural Revolution.

“‘We must press ahead with both economic structural reform and political structural reform, in particular reform in the leadership system of our party and country,’ he said.

“He reiterates the need for price controls to avoid a real estate bubble and promises that the yuan will float more freely.”

My Comment: China has difficulties understanding how to unite with the world after millenia of isolation, and that is why integration with it will occur slowly and unwillingly, not due to awareness, but to forced conditions.

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The Circle Of Embrace

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe special atmosphere that was created in the workshops at the convention in Lithuania should be constantly kept during the lessons. A person needs to constantly feel that. It doesn’t matter whether or not he is actually sitting in a circle and embracing the friends, or they are simply together, feeling the connection without any physical hugging, or even being very far apart.

Of course, this is more difficult, but you’ve already felt that it is possible to somewhat exit the limited physical place and not be tied to time. This connection continues to exist as if in the air.

We need to constantly keep this atmosphere: in the lessons, in all the events and activities, and even at work. It doesn’t matter where a person works: in a factory, for a boss—but through everything that happens he is in contact with the Creator, looking for Him. In every situation he should make efforts so as to reveal the upper Light, as if he is physically among the friends.

Then we will be able to feel how by all these efforts we reveal our connection with a great group of Kabbalists of all generations, who are working with us and continuing these efforts. It is all above physical limitations.

We prepared for these workshops, we sat in a certain way, but all this was a formal preparation. We should try to keep the same spirit we felt then during our studies. The main reward is the efforts themselves and not the strong feeling you expect. We should value the work itself and not the reward for the work.

Therefore, we shouldn’t wait for the moving, inspiring states to return. The key is to constantly search for them, and not in order to receive the pleasant feelings but to prepare ourselves for the revelation of the Creator, in order to bring Him contentment. This opportunity is our reward. This is already somewhat closer to the state of bestowalLishma.

We will try to do it. I am sorry, but as usual, children demand what that they like the most, while the parents give them what is best for them according to their mature understanding. And it isn’t always the same. Let’s make an effort to attain an even more correct form.

We should appreciate the opportunity to make an effort, and we will also have to restrict the sensation. Then the feeling of bestowal will appear.
From Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/2012  

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The Prayer Of Equals In A Circle

The Payer Of Equals In A CircleIt doesn’t matter that you are sitting in rows behind the desks, and not embracing in a circle. Only the physical bodies are sitting on the chairs, but inside there must be the feeling of a circle: a great connection all over the world. Just like the women encircle us in a ring, so does the whole world stand further away, behind them. We should aspire to bring everyone to one point of contact.

The physical arrangement is meaningless. I don’t think that the pupils of Rabbi Shimon sat in such a symmetric circle. If it were so, the same rules would have been kept until today for the study of the Torah. A circle simply symbolizes the fact that everyone is equal—the friends connect and form a prayer of the many.

We only need to ask for the Light that Reforms. Without this, we have no chance whatsoever to exit our ego even by one millimeter—none of us. Only the Light that Reforms can help us.

Therefore, it is meaningless to ask about how you should do it. You are not doing anything, let the Light do the work! But you should be constantly aware that you need to perform all sorts of actions to draw the Light that will do everything.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/2012, Shamati #52 

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Separate Your “Self” From A Mortal Body

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat happens to an informational part of us when the body dies? It can be transferred to any other carrier. It can exist separately, not only as a part of a biological substance, but in any form. That’s information! Information can be transferred from an electronic carrier to a printed, visual, or audio file. Information on its own doesn’t have carrier; it is required for its perception.

Thus in this case, if we want to obtain higher information, our carrier has to be the property of bestowal, and not the property of reception. The egoistic property of reception constrains us. We can only absorb something that enters our senses and only within a specific range: visual, sensory, hearing, and so on, which depends on our senses, their sensitivity and resolution.

In our world, we create auxiliary devices in order to increase our ability to see further and deeper. But that doesn’t really help us as we just widen the same five senses. In reality, there exists a huge amount of information around us, which we are incapable of perceiving and don’t even know what it is.

In order to acquire this ability, we try to exit ourselves to not be limited by our body. This gives us an opportunity to reach a state of feeling ourselves outside of the body while still living in this world, meaning perceiving everything through our physical body, our animal organism. It’s like we no longer live in it, which is likened to a state when a person dies.

Basically, when the body (our beastly egoism) dies, we feel something different. We don’t have to die, but can neutralize our egoism and start feeling something different, a higher level, by refocusing ourselves from our egoistic desires to an integral perception of nature. People who passed through these states describe them and give a specific methodology of how to do that.

Millions of people, who feel the constraints of our perception of this world and the necessity to understand the meaning of our existence, strive toward this state. Besides, these are not just some philosophical or pure scientific cognitive needs. They feel it from inside, from a feeling of a great depression, from being tired of life, because as a result of many life cycles, they come to questions: “Why do we exist? Each day we struggle only to survive?! Is that the purpose of the whole creation?!”

Then we see ourselves as the smallest defective creatures who care only about keeping their animal in comfort. Is this what it’s all about? While the body exists, I think only about it. If I begin to separate myself, my “I” from this body, then truly, what is this “I” busy with its entire life? Only with taking care of the beast.

Today, a gradual separation of our “Self” from the beastly body is taking place. A person (this “Self”) starts feeling that he doesn’t want to obey his body and be its slave. Thus people are depressed, they are looking for something, take drugs, don’t know what to do with their lives, or commit suicide.

As a result, we enter an extremely severe crisis. We don’t want to create a family and have children. We don’t see any sense in that. In the end, if I have to live in order to keep this animal in comfort, why do I need something else, I will think only about that! Thus, a person even starts to regress.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3 

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A Multidimensional System

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to become similar to the Creator, to take His place. We have to manage ourselves and through ourselves, all other parts of nature. We feel such discomfort in our corporeal life, which today threatens our very existence, so that we reach the level of attainment, knowledge, and awareness, so that we take upon ourselves all the governance and resemble the Creator: feel all of nature as part of ourselves.

On the whole, there is nothing except man. Everything that seems to exist on the outside: people, different physical bodies, and the cosmos, all of it exists in our consciousness, it is all inside us and perceived by us, although it is actually only parts of us.

This means that our desire is divided internally. It is separated so that part of the desire is perceived as ourselves and part of the desire we imagine to be outside of ourselves. The desire is made up of five so-called parts: Shoresh, Neshama, Guf, Levush, and Eichal, that is, our inner essence, soul, body, garments (garment is what is close to us, what touches us), and then all the rest. These five parts of the desire are actually inside us, but in our consciousness they are divided into internal and external.

When a person connects with others, he begins to perceive this illusion correctly. He feels that everything is inside him and not on the outside, and that it is all parts of him.

It seems strange, but he sees how everything interacts and is set in motion depending on him. It’s as if he becomes the part that determines everything else. Suddenly I realize that the whole world depends on my thoughts and my feelings. All other people in relation to me, according to how I relate to them, are suddenly attracted to me and are under my influence, under my will, to the extent that I treat them correctly.

What’s interesting is that this system is multidimensional and each of us sees it the same way. That is, from the starting point of his soul, everyone begins to see that he is the center that manages everything. And no one disturbs anyone, everyone has their own starting point.

When we connect all these points into one collective goal: to unite with the upper force, with nature, the multiple composition of our individualities completes the whole picture till the level called the world of Infinity. Thus our unity has great implications, and eventually it takes us to the next level, to the next dimension.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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A New Level Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe shouldn’t think only about how to gather together in order to feel the upper force between us, its plan, its goal, which has developed us throughout history.…

The spark that appeared in our world from the Big Bang developed all the matter by transferring to it all its energy, all information, and then obliged this matter to come together. At first the matter gathered from the energy and then the particles appeared. They began to connect and to create atoms, molecules, and different crystals.

On the still level, it’s simply an aspiration to cling on to one another and thus feel a greater state of connection. It is by the connection, the empowerment that the next states are reached: particular elements of nature, all its major parts.

Then the new, vegetative level (Ruach) appears, when the particles begin to move, to consume and to emit, and to pass from one to the other. Once again, everything develops only by the mutual connection. The next level, the animate one, is when the beasts have offspring and already organize themselves into families.

Then comes man who doesn’t just connect with others; he creates very complex societies, different groups, tribes, and families. He builds and develops. But once again, it is all based on unification. These unifications are egoistic, and they are essential for the next level of development.

Thus nature constantly urges us to advance in the direction of greater unity. This is what everything is based on.

Now we are on the next level of unity. We are moving in the same direction, but unification has to occur by our conscious participation: We have to participate in this and to fulfill it ourselves.

Nature pushes us towards forced development, like in the previous stages. But we cannot move on automatically to the next level. We need to want it ourselves because only by raising our consciousness can we create a sensory organ to identify and to receive the upper Light, the upper force.

Here we have to be included into each other personally and anti-egoistically, and this connection shouldn’t be based on ordinary unity like in the previous states. The current unity is built in spite of our natural tendencies because now we need to resemble the upper force and not just come together.

So in the current unification we have to think about and to include into ourselves all our friends from around the world. They are here, together with us. We have to feel all of their desires, feelings, thoughts, plans, and hopes here in this hall and between us, which is even better.

At the same time we have to think about humanity: What can we do so that they will also feel what the next level of their development is, and what level of recognition and feeling we, human beings, should rise to by turning into a unified image of man, or “Adam,”  which means “similar to the Creator.”

The most important thing is not to forget that the goal of our unity is to connect with the upper force of nature, which fills everything around us, determines everything, is the basis for everything, and which created the whole world from a spark of its energy. Through the spark that has developed to this state, we will be able to transcend to the next dimension to which our evolution is leading us today.

Therefore, we, all those who understand, who want to understand and to perceive this method, have gathered here from all over the world. We all hope that we succeed in that. It all depends only on our intentions, on our internal yearning for mutual collective unity.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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We Are The First!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to be thankful for our fate, for being chosen to clearly know what the wisdom of Kabbalah is about and to present this to the entire world. We are the pioneers! We are the first of all the generations throughout our entire evolution. For billions of years, creation has been through a great chain of transformations. Finally, today, we are the first who can master this method and leave it ready to use, to be applied by those who follow.

We realize it on ourselves. We develop it in the connection between us, based on what is happening between us in the groups, in the connection. On this basis, we write new articles and study the materials about the types of connections between us. Through this practical work, we offer it in a realistic manner to all of humanity.

So, we are researchers, we are the pioneers of its practical use. On one hand, we have to be grateful for our fate, and on the other, we must be responsible for having been given this chance. According to the pace at which all of humanity is developing, we see the extent to which it feels the need for a new method of living.

Billions of people all over the world are asking: “What should we do?” We have to present all of this to them.

So, in the internal connections between us, we must not forget that we are doing this not only for ourselves since then we would be like egoists. We are doing this not only to reveal the upper force, its plan, and to feel it, gain understanding through the feeling, and study it in reality, but also in order to bring it to the rest of humanity.

Our internal movement should be accompanied by external expansion. These two actions should be balanced like organs in the body that operate as they should: They both receive and bestow. It is very important to remember the rest of the world and the upper force that created us so as to raise us to it. If we include all these components inside us, we develop correctly and very quickly.

We have been through so much already: many conventions, meetings, and unity evenings. However, today, we are in a situation where we simply must demand from ourselves and from the upper force its actual revelation so that we actually will begin working with it between us, so that all of us and the upper force that is felt between us will be revealed as one whole.

We should demand very clearly that our prayer, our demand, is fulfilled. Each of us should not just wait, but by every action we make, move forward with the right demand to feel the Creator through unity.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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Empty Philosophy Or Practical Science?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOver the course of the many years that I’ve been explaining the method of integral cooperation, I give the example of our physical body, which is made up of different organs. All the organs seem to operate on their own: the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, or the liver. Each operates at its own pace and order and in each there is an internal program, a software, but everything is based on cooperation.

Although they all operate on different planes, at a different pace, with totally different internal tasks, they should all have one collective task: to keep the whole body in a balanced state, which depends only on the right cooperation of each corrected part. A corrected part is the part that cooperates with all the others, and its internal work is aimed only at agreement with all the other parts of the body.

We, too, should each feel ourselves as small organs in one big body. The creation of our collective vessel of perception, of a new sensory organ, depends on the fact that no one operates as a separate body, but in agreement with all the other parts of the system.

So everything should be directed not at our individual internal development, which actually doesn’t exist, but only at connection!

There are still many people who come to us and study from the books, but only in order to know, to see what is written there. But they are not included in the general work of connection and unity, and so they don’t understand where all this is headed. “Oh well, it’s a science, a theory, that speaks about exchanging places and movements in some imaginary space, upwards and downwards, about different connections between some kind of unfamiliar objects. Where are they? It is all rather abstract because in our world all this doesn’t exist. So what should I do with this?”

These people don’t understand that they have to connect between themselves, and only in the connection between them will they begin to see through these ties: “Where are these parts? Where is this level of Bina, the giving, the receiving, the restriction of the desire, the rising above the desire in the connection with others, receiving from them and bestowing upon them?” Until they try to implement all this in the connection between them, the wisdom of Kabbalah will be an empty philosophy for them, which doesn’t say anything.

So the main thing is not to study what is in the books, but to yearn to feel what we study, to implement it in our life, in the connection between us. Otherwise, like our teachers tell us, a person “dries up.” He simply doesn’t see the results of what he reads. Of course, there are many interesting things there, lots of information, but it is just some abstract study and nothing more than that.

While the method itself is very practical, and we have to implement it between us.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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