Separate Your “Self” From A Mortal Body

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat happens to an informational part of us when the body dies? It can be transferred to any other carrier. It can exist separately, not only as a part of a biological substance, but in any form. That’s information! Information can be transferred from an electronic carrier to a printed, visual, or audio file. Information on its own doesn’t have carrier; it is required for its perception.

Thus in this case, if we want to obtain higher information, our carrier has to be the property of bestowal, and not the property of reception. The egoistic property of reception constrains us. We can only absorb something that enters our senses and only within a specific range: visual, sensory, hearing, and so on, which depends on our senses, their sensitivity and resolution.

In our world, we create auxiliary devices in order to increase our ability to see further and deeper. But that doesn’t really help us as we just widen the same five senses. In reality, there exists a huge amount of information around us, which we are incapable of perceiving and don’t even know what it is.

In order to acquire this ability, we try to exit ourselves to not be limited by our body. This gives us an opportunity to reach a state of feeling ourselves outside of the body while still living in this world, meaning perceiving everything through our physical body, our animal organism. It’s like we no longer live in it, which is likened to a state when a person dies.

Basically, when the body (our beastly egoism) dies, we feel something different. We don’t have to die, but can neutralize our egoism and start feeling something different, a higher level, by refocusing ourselves from our egoistic desires to an integral perception of nature. People who passed through these states describe them and give a specific methodology of how to do that.

Millions of people, who feel the constraints of our perception of this world and the necessity to understand the meaning of our existence, strive toward this state. Besides, these are not just some philosophical or pure scientific cognitive needs. They feel it from inside, from a feeling of a great depression, from being tired of life, because as a result of many life cycles, they come to questions: “Why do we exist? Each day we struggle only to survive?! Is that the purpose of the whole creation?!”

Then we see ourselves as the smallest defective creatures who care only about keeping their animal in comfort. Is this what it’s all about? While the body exists, I think only about it. If I begin to separate myself, my “I” from this body, then truly, what is this “I” busy with its entire life? Only with taking care of the beast.

Today, a gradual separation of our “Self” from the beastly body is taking place. A person (this “Self”) starts feeling that he doesn’t want to obey his body and be its slave. Thus people are depressed, they are looking for something, take drugs, don’t know what to do with their lives, or commit suicide.

As a result, we enter an extremely severe crisis. We don’t want to create a family and have children. We don’t see any sense in that. In the end, if I have to live in order to keep this animal in comfort, why do I need something else, I will think only about that! Thus, a person even starts to regress.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3 

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