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Where Is The Microchip Of The Soul Within Me?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I once watched a movie where a microchip was installed into a monkey’s brain and as a result, it procured bananas using an artificial arm. That’s when I understood that my body does not exist because it can also be just as artificial. In this case, where is the desire to reveal the Creator located, which I now feel within me?

Answer: The desire for spirituality is not located inside of the material body. Desires aren’t inside the body at all. We confuse the biological, animate body, which operates according to natural instincts, personality, and inclinations that determine its natural desires and needs, with the desire that is disconnected from this body and belongs to the attainment of spirituality.

Our body is an animal, like that monkey with a banana. But when a new desire awakens in us, above our animate needs, it is on a completely different level and is not inside the body. The body may live or die, but nothing happens to the spiritual desire.

The animate body lives and dies, and all of its animate desires, aspirations, and goals die together with it. But there is also a desire called “the point in the heart,” which we have to develop. If we connect it with other desires like it, which are present in others, then we will build a common desire out of them in which it is possible to reveal spiritual life.

I have a drop of spiritual semen, called “the point in the heart.” I can grow it by adding more and more “meat” to it, just like a baby grows from a drop of semen in a mother’s womb.

So how can I attach the spiritual meat to my point, the drop of spiritual semen? For that I have to unite with others. That is how I will build the vessel of my soul and will begin living inside of it, inside of this new desire that I collected.

If I don’t build it, then I will remain that initial drop of semen, with the informational gene (Reshimo) alone, and will once again return and go through life cycles, one after another, receiving the opportunity to develop that drop.

My animate body only accompanies the drop of semen, the point in the heart. Therefore, stop focusing on your body and give it what it is supposed to get to lead a normal existence. And devote all of your attention to the point in the heart, to how to connect it to other points in order to build a general vessel out of them for revealing the spiritual world.

As for the microchips, leave them to the monkeys.
From the Arava Arvut Convention 2/24/12, Lesson #2

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Where Is Immortality?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe exist in a unified reality, in the world of infinity, but from it we perceive only the part, which we are able to realize, in that form, that fragment, which is created by our qualities from the whole world of infinity. However, in any case, we are always connected to the world of infinity. We receive the strength from there and all of the changes that happen inside of us happen by means of connection with it.

This is how we learn that any change happens by the raising of the MAN (prayer) from us through all of the worlds to the world of infinity and it descends from there to us in the form of MAD. Also, any change gives birth to a new Partzuf, a state, a connection between them through the world of infinity as well, following the rule “Malchut of the upper becomes the Keter of the lower.” This is only possible under the condition that Malchut obtains the qualities of the world of infinity and this way becomes the quality of Keter.

Such a leap in the change of qualities in the matter of our world is called a quantum change: sharp, strictly discrete portions.

This is how an electron, revolving around an atom’s nucleus changes its orbit in a jump, transforming from one stationary state to another. At that, it changes its orbit instantaneously, it disappears from the old orbit and at the same moment it appears in a new orbit, where it continues its movement, as if it had not gone through its transformation, the jump.

Physicists can detect neither the path of transformation nor duration of the transformation from one orbit to another, this happens instantaneously. This is because this action is raising its force into the world of infinity, above matter, time, space, and motion, which do not exist there. That is why we cannot detect what is happening in a jump. Meaning that during the time of the transformation, which for us is a space (a quantum void) a connection between the worlds happens, our world and the upper world.

Besides this, all of the matter exists only due to similar quantum jumps, receiving the energy of the upper Light (bestowal) from the world of infinity into them.

And even a regular person at every moment of his existence falls out of the reality of our world in order to change his state for a new one, he connects to the world of infinity and returns back again, but into a new state in our world already, although it seems to us that the flow of reality is continuous. With these continuous connections to the world of infinity the changes happen and flow in the whole of the nature on all of its levels, from our world in all of the five worlds.

The rise to the world of infinity and the return back are necessary for the change of the Reshimot, the data, which define our specific states. However, these specific states, in their turn, must keep changing continuously, feeding from the world of infinity, and in this way, realize ever newer Reshimot up until their complete realization, the complete correction of the whole of nature.

This happens when all of the realities merge into one, the complete revelation of the Light, that force from which all of the parts of the universe receive ever newer Reshimot by quantum impulses, new energy and qualities. And it is not important how we call these changes in matter: the interval between the pictures of the world, a quantum jump  (discontinuity), an absence of reality, the change of Reshimot, a minimum change in a state.

Our future is in mastering these timeless states in connection to the Light, to the quality of bestowal, above egoism: Here lies life above death. It is in the absence of time in a quantum jump and it is our immortality.

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It’s Time To Transition

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Reuters): “More than 100,000 people packed Lisbon’s vast Palace Square on Saturday [February 11, 2012] in the largest rally against austerity and economic hardships since the country resorted to an EU/IMF bailout last May, and organizers vowed to step up protests and labor action.”

My Comment: Instead of budget cutbacks, we need to approach the education of the citizens and build a new form of society, a society of reasonable consumption, when we do not just cutback but eliminate all the surplus, transition to balanced distribution, unify all citizens in a single system of education, and reduce all but essential services and positions. If all of this is executed simultaneously, society will feel much more comfortable than it had in its past good years.

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After The Disappointment

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Guli Bazarov, Director of the 21st Century Center of Technology): “ In the beginning of the 20th century, entrepreneurship developed very actively, and people were hungry for the pleasures of civilization. Now the feeling of the first hunger has passed. People want to spend more time with their family.

“Everyone calculated for themselves some financial optimum, and they are no longer willing to devote all their free time to work. The period when you worked in order to live is over. But the accumulated tiredness remains. Add to this the lack of career advancement, and you get a worker who has absolutely no motivation. He is no longer kindled about work since he has burnt out.”

My Comment: The crisis will show the pettiness of our egotistic attitude to the world and will bring us to an understanding of a new world, one above our egotistic nature of this world, to a world of bestowal and love.

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Europe’s Rating Continues to Decline

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Forbes): “Moody’s was last to the downgrade party, announcing on Monday it was axing the sovereign credit rating of six European nations including Italy, Spain, and Portugal. At the same time, the credit rating agency put three triple-A rated nations (the U.K., France, and Austria) under negative outlook, signaling they too could lose the precious, yet arbitrary, seal of approval.”

My Comment: Now, it is only a matter of time: either the crisis will change the EU or the EU will become smarter, reject the old system, and take the course toward full integration.

They will need to do the following:

  1. Introduce a system of integral education and upbringing across the EU,
  2. Develop a new economic system of reasonable consumption and equitable distribution,
  3. Plan gradual implementation of points 1 and 2 in all EU countries.

Surely until the EU leaders and a new single EU government begins to attend to these questions, the systemic crisis will begin to weaken.

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“Economic Models And The Apologetics Of Greed”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (John Kozy, PhD, professor): “Offshoring production to underdeveloped nations gives needy people jobs, increases their incomes, reduces poverty, and expands their nations’ GNPs. It also enables people in developed nations to purchase products produced offshore at lower prices enabling them to consume a wider range of things…

“Yes, the wages were better than those that could have been earned before, but they weren’t much benefit. Why? Because when the paychecks began to arrive, the local landlords and vendors increased prices on everything, so just as before, all of their incomes went to pay for basic necessities. The landlords and vendors got the money; the workers were not better off… But, of course, the country’s GNP was better, which is all that matters to economists who still claim that economy is improving…

“Two conclusions follow from this scenario: employment alone is not a sufficient condition for prosperity; full employment can exist in an enslaved society alongside abject poverty, and an increasing GNP does not mean that an economy is getting better… Those numbers mean nothing.

“Economists build models by what they call ‘abstraction.’ But it’s really subtraction. They look at a real world situation and subtract from it the characteristics they deem unessential. The result is a bare bones description consisting of what economists deem economically essential. Everything that is discarded (not taken into consideration in the model) is called an ‘externality’… Since externalities are excluded from all economic models and can be expected to change after any model is implemented, all economic models necessarily fail.”

My Comment: We are in the process of exposing this system and due to our realization of the laws of nature and the law of business opposite to it, we will understand the system in which we want to live. Such a system can be only one: a society with equitable distribution of reasonably limited goods and services.

Fulfillment is achieved by integrating and understanding the meaning of life and raising the whole society to the next level: an integral society in which everyone feels the next level of existence in total unity.

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The Invincible Weapon Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does a person have to clarify in order to reach a deficiency?

Answer: A person shouldn’t think about a deficiency. A deficiency should be revealed by the clarification and not that the clarification is revealed by the deficiency. First, I clarify what the greatness of the Creator is. This is what I am attracted to. I follow the right line all the time, I don’t torture myself, I don’t criticize for no reason, I don’t look for descents and falls and empty clarifications. If I do look for that, it is as if I do it without the Light and without the Light I cannot clarify anything.

I am always drawn to the right and to the Light, to adhesion, as much as I can express it. By being drawn to it in the study, in dissemination, and in participation in the group, I begin to discover to what extent I am not part of it. It is already the revelation of evil, as the Light reveals the evil and it isn’t me who looks for it and discovers whatever I feel like.

The advancement and the clarification are done by the good, by the Light. Only with the help of the Light can I clarify things. I don’t fight evil by myself! I am not a hero like different warriors in this world. My overcoming is in turning to the Creator instead of fighting evil directly, so that He will fight my evil and clarify it. The Creator will fight for us and we only have to raise our hands to Him. This how the Creator’s war with Amalek takes place, and in general the whole struggle with the ego.

The Creator says: “Come to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart!” the Creator always goes to war Himself, “the Lord is a man of war,” and not a person. A person should be the opposite, and constantly clarify the right point to approach in order to stand between the good and the evil and to direct them correctly in this war, and not that he himself fights.

It is a very big mistake students make, and it is hard to convince them that being a hero is not in overcoming evil by themselves but in bringing the Light to fight and overcome evil. A lot of experience is needed here.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/29/12, Writings of Rabash

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Obligate The Creator To Help Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order for us to become similar to the upper Light, we have our well known way: We need to study with the intent for the Light to influence us and to create that desire, that inner aspiration, that inner tendency within us. Nothing else is necessary.

It seems very simple. Indeed, everything is already before us. Even according to corporeal criteria, it’s obvious that if someone loves something or someone, aspires to something or someone, he wants to give. It fills him like a mother’s love for her child. Look at how happy she is holding a small creature in her arms. That captures her all. She needs nothing: Her love for him is enough to fill her.

If we have such examples in our world, why is it so difficult for us to maintain that condition regarding the spiritual world? It’s because the condition of bestowal and love is spiritual, it needs to be directed from myself outward and not toward myself, not for myself. That is the problem.

Thus, in order to form within ourselves the forward movement, from ourselves outward, we need special exercises, unique skills we can acquire only if we try to unite between us. However, the attempts to unite lead us to despair because we try to do it alone. We have tried to do that more than once, with no success, of course.

Eventually, after many independent attempts to unite: “Where is our mutual responsibility, mutual bestowal, mutual consideration? Where is our spiritual vessel?” and so forth, we begin to realize that nothing can help us here, and we give up. Only one hope remains: that the Light from Above will come and correct us.

But the Light doesn’t come since we don’t request It. We actually ask for fulfillment. We can only draw near the Light if we try to unite between us. When we carry out acts of unity (which we must do as equals since love and mutual bestowal can only be among equals) then in our unity, within our circle, we’ll feel that we lack help from Above. It really is what we lack.

Currently, we simply recall that there is something else that could help us. I can tell that during the lessons my students suddenly begin to remember: “Oh, yes! We also need the Creator! We can’t do anything on our own. We need to bestow and not to receive, not to wait until something approaches us, but rather to aspire to bestowal and invest certain efforts in that.…” So, the correct attempts to attain bestowal can only be within the group.

The group may be virtual or physical, it doesn’t matter, but everything has to be founded on the connection between the friends. We shouldn’t miss this point. Now, all our private movements are directed into ourselves. It seems to us that they are moving from us to others, but all that isn’t true and is completely unrealistic since it is realized egoistically.

Only when I, together with the friends, begin to aspire toward mutual consideration, our common center, common goal, and try to arrange for us all to hold a single desire, a single aspiration, a single prayer, then within us, we’ll reveal that the upper force, the Creator “is sitting” there. When we look at Him, we should act as if we have a unified demand toward Him, and all of us together, as one, focus on Him with a serious demand.

The Creator is waiting, He wants that demand. It is specifically what obligates Him to give us help in the form of a unique force of bestowal and love, meaning to dwell within us. He doesn’t give anything or remain anywhere. He fills everything, hence He simply needs to be revealed within us. That revelation of His within us is what’s called revealing the upper Light: the force of bestowal, love, upper degree.

We all need to demand it together, to constantly demand and demand, but together, regarding our center, meaning our united desire within which we’ll reveal the Creator’s necessity. And then we’ll see that everything we did previously was only to attain the state in which we’re all united together in a demand to reveal the Creator within us, that only the revelation of the attribute of love and bestowal will save us.
From the Lecture on Unity Day “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/2012

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Catching The Rope

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that we need to catch the end of the rope that the Creator throws us. When I was a child I used to dangle a string in front of my dog’s nose and as he would jump to catch it, I would pull it up. So, now it turns out that I’m in a position like that dog.

Answer: It really is so. However, think about Who is playing with you. Isn’t this an honorable game?

If you take into account Who you’re playing with then you should be satisfied. What else do you need? Try to feel that you’re partners with the Owner, or His loyal servant.

You must jump after this string with the intention to bestow pleasure to the Owner. After all, the dog that you played with as a child played with you as well. It received pleasure from playing with you! Try to elevate at least to the level of that dog. I’m totally serious; this is quite difficult.

If you play this way in order to bestow pleasure to the Creator then you will become a human.

You will jump because you have a connection with Him. You will jump and play together with Him; you’ll understand and feel Him. What separates you from the rest of the people who jump after this string their whole lives is that they will remain animals and you will become a human.
From the Arava Arvut Convention 2/24/12 Lesson #2, 

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