Where Is Immortality?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe exist in a unified reality, in the world of infinity, but from it we perceive only the part, which we are able to realize, in that form, that fragment, which is created by our qualities from the whole world of infinity. However, in any case, we are always connected to the world of infinity. We receive the strength from there and all of the changes that happen inside of us happen by means of connection with it.

This is how we learn that any change happens by the raising of the MAN (prayer) from us through all of the worlds to the world of infinity and it descends from there to us in the form of MAD. Also, any change gives birth to a new Partzuf, a state, a connection between them through the world of infinity as well, following the rule “Malchut of the upper becomes the Keter of the lower.” This is only possible under the condition that Malchut obtains the qualities of the world of infinity and this way becomes the quality of Keter.

Such a leap in the change of qualities in the matter of our world is called a quantum change: sharp, strictly discrete portions.

This is how an electron, revolving around an atom’s nucleus changes its orbit in a jump, transforming from one stationary state to another. At that, it changes its orbit instantaneously, it disappears from the old orbit and at the same moment it appears in a new orbit, where it continues its movement, as if it had not gone through its transformation, the jump.

Physicists can detect neither the path of transformation nor duration of the transformation from one orbit to another, this happens instantaneously. This is because this action is raising its force into the world of infinity, above matter, time, space, and motion, which do not exist there. That is why we cannot detect what is happening in a jump. Meaning that during the time of the transformation, which for us is a space (a quantum void) a connection between the worlds happens, our world and the upper world.

Besides this, all of the matter exists only due to similar quantum jumps, receiving the energy of the upper Light (bestowal) from the world of infinity into them.

And even a regular person at every moment of his existence falls out of the reality of our world in order to change his state for a new one, he connects to the world of infinity and returns back again, but into a new state in our world already, although it seems to us that the flow of reality is continuous. With these continuous connections to the world of infinity the changes happen and flow in the whole of the nature on all of its levels, from our world in all of the five worlds.

The rise to the world of infinity and the return back are necessary for the change of the Reshimot, the data, which define our specific states. However, these specific states, in their turn, must keep changing continuously, feeding from the world of infinity, and in this way, realize ever newer Reshimot up until their complete realization, the complete correction of the whole of nature.

This happens when all of the realities merge into one, the complete revelation of the Light, that force from which all of the parts of the universe receive ever newer Reshimot by quantum impulses, new energy and qualities. And it is not important how we call these changes in matter: the interval between the pictures of the world, a quantum jump  (discontinuity), an absence of reality, the change of Reshimot, a minimum change in a state.

Our future is in mastering these timeless states in connection to the Light, to the quality of bestowal, above egoism: Here lies life above death. It is in the absence of time in a quantum jump and it is our immortality.

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  1. True, it does not matter what we call them, for he is nameless

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