Where Is The Microchip Of The Soul Within Me?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I once watched a movie where a microchip was installed into a monkey’s brain and as a result, it procured bananas using an artificial arm. That’s when I understood that my body does not exist because it can also be just as artificial. In this case, where is the desire to reveal the Creator located, which I now feel within me?

Answer: The desire for spirituality is not located inside of the material body. Desires aren’t inside the body at all. We confuse the biological, animate body, which operates according to natural instincts, personality, and inclinations that determine its natural desires and needs, with the desire that is disconnected from this body and belongs to the attainment of spirituality.

Our body is an animal, like that monkey with a banana. But when a new desire awakens in us, above our animate needs, it is on a completely different level and is not inside the body. The body may live or die, but nothing happens to the spiritual desire.

The animate body lives and dies, and all of its animate desires, aspirations, and goals die together with it. But there is also a desire called “the point in the heart,” which we have to develop. If we connect it with other desires like it, which are present in others, then we will build a common desire out of them in which it is possible to reveal spiritual life.

I have a drop of spiritual semen, called “the point in the heart.” I can grow it by adding more and more “meat” to it, just like a baby grows from a drop of semen in a mother’s womb.

So how can I attach the spiritual meat to my point, the drop of spiritual semen? For that I have to unite with others. That is how I will build the vessel of my soul and will begin living inside of it, inside of this new desire that I collected.

If I don’t build it, then I will remain that initial drop of semen, with the informational gene (Reshimo) alone, and will once again return and go through life cycles, one after another, receiving the opportunity to develop that drop.

My animate body only accompanies the drop of semen, the point in the heart. Therefore, stop focusing on your body and give it what it is supposed to get to lead a normal existence. And devote all of your attention to the point in the heart, to how to connect it to other points in order to build a general vessel out of them for revealing the spiritual world.

As for the microchips, leave them to the monkeys.
From the Arava Arvut Convention 2/24/12, Lesson #2

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