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Vilnius Convention – 03.24.12

Vilnius Convention, Lesson 3
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The Help Of Which No One Will Know

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is self-annulment? What does it mean, to nullify yourself before the friends?

Answer: It means that I serve my friends: Let them reveal the Creator to the full measure, while I will only help them. They won’t know about it. In the same way, it doesn’t matter to a mother whether her baby is aware of her care and concern. She is simply devoted to him without any reservations. Similarly, I want to help all the friends realize their hopes so that through that they and the Creator could delight in each other.

And what about me? I remain a hidden factor. Just like the Creator who conceals Himself behind the scenes in this world, I, too, want to lead all of humanity towards His goodness in a concealed manner.

Just be careful: Great pride lies in this approach.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2012, “Introduction to TES

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A Rosy Picture Of Changes Ahead

Dr. Michael LaitmanI think that in the course of the year to come, humanity will realize that it’s impossible to continue this race of overconsumption, overproduction, and bank inflation. This bubble must burst and we must begin to consume reasonably and implement fair distribution of work and resources amongst everyone.

The many hours that will free up a person’s day as a result of these changes will be taken up by integral education and upbringing, where each person will begin to feel a new level of existence, a spiritual state and will gradually begin to feel a sense of commonality. In this common desire, this common intention and direction of thoughts, we will begin to attain the next level of nature and its harmony. Our bodily sensation will begin to disappear because our bodies exist on the animate level.

This is the state that we’ll eventually have to reach. Nature will assist us in two ways: by giving us blows and by revealing new horizons.

I feel that this year is very powerful and fundamental. We must do everything in our power to keep humanity from going in the direction of protectionism and division. We must help people realize that we need to direct our course toward further connection.

Europe is already starting to realize this. Today’s European market serves as an example. They play the game of “What will happen if we divide?” and then encounter enormous problems. Therefore, their course is directed toward further globalization and integration.

This is a change, a critical realization of which direction to take and where the salvation lies. I hope that Europe will ultimately overcome this special peak by going in the direction of further integration and connection; otherwise, it won’t survive.

If they do move toward integration, then they will discover enormous strength and opportunities, and they will serve as an example to all of humanity. They will not have to re-develop their manufacturing industry that they’ve moved to the East and Asia, primarily to China.

If this process takes the right course then we’ll see humanity developing in a good gentle manner and it would be a good example for everyone. This would be a rosy picture. I hope that it happens this way.

If we don’t move in this direction, then unfortunately, there may be great international and global problems, which will ultimately lead us to the same results.
From “A Talk on Integral Education” #14, 12/18/11

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Justifying The Creator’s Assistance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Right now our entire world group is participating in a unique experiment: focus group workshops. How should this preparation be tied with the convention? What should we carry out after the convention for the remaining 99% of humanity?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that we received a special desire: the aspiration to the Creator, to this general governing and all-fulfilling force, besides which nothing else exists. We are inside this force, inside this field. You could say that each of us received a special disposition, assistance.

But who are we, really? After all, none of us is anything special relative to the Creator?!

We need to understand that we are able to develop only when we’ll be developing everyone else and pulling all of nature along with us. Therefore, without the 99%, without having to pull all of humanity after us, we wouldn’t have received this desire, the aspiration to the Creator.

Essentially, it goes like this: The Creator is pulling us to Himself as if by a string. Initially, He kept pulling us until we understood the concept. From then on, He will pull us only as much as we will be pulling the rest of humanity after us. Humanity is still just on the level of animate existence, and it doesn’t need to aspire to the Creator, to unification with the common field, to the ascent to the level of “man,” on its own. Man is someone who understands and attains the Creator.

If we’re going to disseminate our knowledge in such a way that it will be perceived correctly by the masses, we will become worthy of Him pulling us further. He will do so to the extent and with the force with which we unite with the rest of humanity. We neither advance nor strive forward by ourselves. We only need to show people that we are taking them along and that together with them, we desire, simply desire to aspire forward! This is what we call “raising MAN,” when we take their desires and passing them through ourselves, raise them further. And then the Light descends from Above and draws all of us to itself.

The 99% do not have a desire for spirituality. Their desires are restricted to the material level.

We awaken in them an understanding that they will solve all of their problems only by pursuing integral relations with each other, through unification. While doing so, we don’t mention the Creator or the upper attainment since they don’t aspire to that.

Their aspirations are directed at making this world safe and comfortable for life, at making it free of all problems. Especially threatening is the problem in ecology. We know very little about it, yet one can see with the naked eye what’s happening already. In the upcoming years, these problems will be truly threatening. And then it will be even easier for us to work with the masses.

But we shouldn’t just wait until these misfortunes threaten our existence so it will be easier to convince the public. We need to explain to them that all these problems are resolved through integration between ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of an Integral Society” 3/18/12 

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In Awe And Joy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Please notice how long a feeling of awe is held and even increases from the first convention in the Arava to the second one, and now it is moving towards the European convention in the Baltic States.

Answer: This state should be constant and increasing all the time, but with a sense of confidence and joy. Moreover, our joy, our inner elation should be such as if we really feel the need to unite.

Question: When you slightly felt a lack of joy, you said: “The movement must be on two feet!” One “foot” is awe and the second one is joy. What did you feel?

Answer: I saw that everyone was in a state of fear, awe and even sliding towards heaviness. It should not be like that!

We are in a state when the entire Light surrounds us, when “there is none else besides Him.” This unified force not only surrounds us, but also wants to be manifested in us, and causes this pressure in us.

However, besides awe, we still need admiration, joy, and confidence that we are under its guidance.

Indeed, we see that we pass the inner states that are constantly changing: We begin to understand more and feel more. We already begin to expect how everything will happen. Possibly, a common feeling will be revealed between us, which will draw us, pull us in, and we will see and feel the world and the entire universe only in terms of our common mutual system, where we seemingly “disappear”: My “I” will disappear and even perhaps “we,” and there will be something—a common “it” and this common entity will be filled with a single property of bestowal and love.

I believe that many people have this anticipation. I personally feel it through their inner inclination, which should be constantly excited in awe and in joy.

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