A Rosy Picture Of Changes Ahead

Dr. Michael LaitmanI think that in the course of the year to come, humanity will realize that it’s impossible to continue this race of overconsumption, overproduction, and bank inflation. This bubble must burst and we must begin to consume reasonably and implement fair distribution of work and resources amongst everyone.

The many hours that will free up a person’s day as a result of these changes will be taken up by integral education and upbringing, where each person will begin to feel a new level of existence, a spiritual state and will gradually begin to feel a sense of commonality. In this common desire, this common intention and direction of thoughts, we will begin to attain the next level of nature and its harmony. Our bodily sensation will begin to disappear because our bodies exist on the animate level.

This is the state that we’ll eventually have to reach. Nature will assist us in two ways: by giving us blows and by revealing new horizons.

I feel that this year is very powerful and fundamental. We must do everything in our power to keep humanity from going in the direction of protectionism and division. We must help people realize that we need to direct our course toward further connection.

Europe is already starting to realize this. Today’s European market serves as an example. They play the game of “What will happen if we divide?” and then encounter enormous problems. Therefore, their course is directed toward further globalization and integration.

This is a change, a critical realization of which direction to take and where the salvation lies. I hope that Europe will ultimately overcome this special peak by going in the direction of further integration and connection; otherwise, it won’t survive.

If they do move toward integration, then they will discover enormous strength and opportunities, and they will serve as an example to all of humanity. They will not have to re-develop their manufacturing industry that they’ve moved to the East and Asia, primarily to China.

If this process takes the right course then we’ll see humanity developing in a good gentle manner and it would be a good example for everyone. This would be a rosy picture. I hope that it happens this way.

If we don’t move in this direction, then unfortunately, there may be great international and global problems, which will ultimately lead us to the same results.
From “A Talk on Integral Education” #14, 12/18/11

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  1. It’s cyclic and the lesson must be learned over and over in His history. thanks for your teachings.

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