In Awe And Joy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Please notice how long a feeling of awe is held and even increases from the first convention in the Arava to the second one, and now it is moving towards the European convention in the Baltic States.

Answer: This state should be constant and increasing all the time, but with a sense of confidence and joy. Moreover, our joy, our inner elation should be such as if we really feel the need to unite.

Question: When you slightly felt a lack of joy, you said: “The movement must be on two feet!” One “foot” is awe and the second one is joy. What did you feel?

Answer: I saw that everyone was in a state of fear, awe and even sliding towards heaviness. It should not be like that!

We are in a state when the entire Light surrounds us, when “there is none else besides Him.” This unified force not only surrounds us, but also wants to be manifested in us, and causes this pressure in us.

However, besides awe, we still need admiration, joy, and confidence that we are under its guidance.

Indeed, we see that we pass the inner states that are constantly changing: We begin to understand more and feel more. We already begin to expect how everything will happen. Possibly, a common feeling will be revealed between us, which will draw us, pull us in, and we will see and feel the world and the entire universe only in terms of our common mutual system, where we seemingly “disappear”: My “I” will disappear and even perhaps “we,” and there will be something—a common “it” and this common entity will be filled with a single property of bestowal and love.

I believe that many people have this anticipation. I personally feel it through their inner inclination, which should be constantly excited in awe and in joy.

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