Obligate The Creator To Help Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order for us to become similar to the upper Light, we have our well known way: We need to study with the intent for the Light to influence us and to create that desire, that inner aspiration, that inner tendency within us. Nothing else is necessary.

It seems very simple. Indeed, everything is already before us. Even according to corporeal criteria, it’s obvious that if someone loves something or someone, aspires to something or someone, he wants to give. It fills him like a mother’s love for her child. Look at how happy she is holding a small creature in her arms. That captures her all. She needs nothing: Her love for him is enough to fill her.

If we have such examples in our world, why is it so difficult for us to maintain that condition regarding the spiritual world? It’s because the condition of bestowal and love is spiritual, it needs to be directed from myself outward and not toward myself, not for myself. That is the problem.

Thus, in order to form within ourselves the forward movement, from ourselves outward, we need special exercises, unique skills we can acquire only if we try to unite between us. However, the attempts to unite lead us to despair because we try to do it alone. We have tried to do that more than once, with no success, of course.

Eventually, after many independent attempts to unite: “Where is our mutual responsibility, mutual bestowal, mutual consideration? Where is our spiritual vessel?” and so forth, we begin to realize that nothing can help us here, and we give up. Only one hope remains: that the Light from Above will come and correct us.

But the Light doesn’t come since we don’t request It. We actually ask for fulfillment. We can only draw near the Light if we try to unite between us. When we carry out acts of unity (which we must do as equals since love and mutual bestowal can only be among equals) then in our unity, within our circle, we’ll feel that we lack help from Above. It really is what we lack.

Currently, we simply recall that there is something else that could help us. I can tell that during the lessons my students suddenly begin to remember: “Oh, yes! We also need the Creator! We can’t do anything on our own. We need to bestow and not to receive, not to wait until something approaches us, but rather to aspire to bestowal and invest certain efforts in that.…” So, the correct attempts to attain bestowal can only be within the group.

The group may be virtual or physical, it doesn’t matter, but everything has to be founded on the connection between the friends. We shouldn’t miss this point. Now, all our private movements are directed into ourselves. It seems to us that they are moving from us to others, but all that isn’t true and is completely unrealistic since it is realized egoistically.

Only when I, together with the friends, begin to aspire toward mutual consideration, our common center, common goal, and try to arrange for us all to hold a single desire, a single aspiration, a single prayer, then within us, we’ll reveal that the upper force, the Creator “is sitting” there. When we look at Him, we should act as if we have a unified demand toward Him, and all of us together, as one, focus on Him with a serious demand.

The Creator is waiting, He wants that demand. It is specifically what obligates Him to give us help in the form of a unique force of bestowal and love, meaning to dwell within us. He doesn’t give anything or remain anywhere. He fills everything, hence He simply needs to be revealed within us. That revelation of His within us is what’s called revealing the upper Light: the force of bestowal, love, upper degree.

We all need to demand it together, to constantly demand and demand, but together, regarding our center, meaning our united desire within which we’ll reveal the Creator’s necessity. And then we’ll see that everything we did previously was only to attain the state in which we’re all united together in a demand to reveal the Creator within us, that only the revelation of the attribute of love and bestowal will save us.
From the Lecture on Unity Day “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/2012

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