The Prayer Of Equals In A Circle

The Payer Of Equals In A CircleIt doesn’t matter that you are sitting in rows behind the desks, and not embracing in a circle. Only the physical bodies are sitting on the chairs, but inside there must be the feeling of a circle: a great connection all over the world. Just like the women encircle us in a ring, so does the whole world stand further away, behind them. We should aspire to bring everyone to one point of contact.

The physical arrangement is meaningless. I don’t think that the pupils of Rabbi Shimon sat in such a symmetric circle. If it were so, the same rules would have been kept until today for the study of the Torah. A circle simply symbolizes the fact that everyone is equal—the friends connect and form a prayer of the many.

We only need to ask for the Light that Reforms. Without this, we have no chance whatsoever to exit our ego even by one millimeter—none of us. Only the Light that Reforms can help us.

Therefore, it is meaningless to ask about how you should do it. You are not doing anything, let the Light do the work! But you should be constantly aware that you need to perform all sorts of actions to draw the Light that will do everything.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/2012, Shamati #52 

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