The Circle Of Embrace

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe special atmosphere that was created in the workshops at the convention in Lithuania should be constantly kept during the lessons. A person needs to constantly feel that. It doesn’t matter whether or not he is actually sitting in a circle and embracing the friends, or they are simply together, feeling the connection without any physical hugging, or even being very far apart.

Of course, this is more difficult, but you’ve already felt that it is possible to somewhat exit the limited physical place and not be tied to time. This connection continues to exist as if in the air.

We need to constantly keep this atmosphere: in the lessons, in all the events and activities, and even at work. It doesn’t matter where a person works: in a factory, for a boss—but through everything that happens he is in contact with the Creator, looking for Him. In every situation he should make efforts so as to reveal the upper Light, as if he is physically among the friends.

Then we will be able to feel how by all these efforts we reveal our connection with a great group of Kabbalists of all generations, who are working with us and continuing these efforts. It is all above physical limitations.

We prepared for these workshops, we sat in a certain way, but all this was a formal preparation. We should try to keep the same spirit we felt then during our studies. The main reward is the efforts themselves and not the strong feeling you expect. We should value the work itself and not the reward for the work.

Therefore, we shouldn’t wait for the moving, inspiring states to return. The key is to constantly search for them, and not in order to receive the pleasant feelings but to prepare ourselves for the revelation of the Creator, in order to bring Him contentment. This opportunity is our reward. This is already somewhat closer to the state of bestowalLishma.

We will try to do it. I am sorry, but as usual, children demand what that they like the most, while the parents give them what is best for them according to their mature understanding. And it isn’t always the same. Let’s make an effort to attain an even more correct form.

We should appreciate the opportunity to make an effort, and we will also have to restrict the sensation. Then the feeling of bestowal will appear.
From Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/2012  

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