A Multidimensional System

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to become similar to the Creator, to take His place. We have to manage ourselves and through ourselves, all other parts of nature. We feel such discomfort in our corporeal life, which today threatens our very existence, so that we reach the level of attainment, knowledge, and awareness, so that we take upon ourselves all the governance and resemble the Creator: feel all of nature as part of ourselves.

On the whole, there is nothing except man. Everything that seems to exist on the outside: people, different physical bodies, and the cosmos, all of it exists in our consciousness, it is all inside us and perceived by us, although it is actually only parts of us.

This means that our desire is divided internally. It is separated so that part of the desire is perceived as ourselves and part of the desire we imagine to be outside of ourselves. The desire is made up of five so-called parts: Shoresh, Neshama, Guf, Levush, and Eichal, that is, our inner essence, soul, body, garments (garment is what is close to us, what touches us), and then all the rest. These five parts of the desire are actually inside us, but in our consciousness they are divided into internal and external.

When a person connects with others, he begins to perceive this illusion correctly. He feels that everything is inside him and not on the outside, and that it is all parts of him.

It seems strange, but he sees how everything interacts and is set in motion depending on him. It’s as if he becomes the part that determines everything else. Suddenly I realize that the whole world depends on my thoughts and my feelings. All other people in relation to me, according to how I relate to them, are suddenly attracted to me and are under my influence, under my will, to the extent that I treat them correctly.

What’s interesting is that this system is multidimensional and each of us sees it the same way. That is, from the starting point of his soul, everyone begins to see that he is the center that manages everything. And no one disturbs anyone, everyone has their own starting point.

When we connect all these points into one collective goal: to unite with the upper force, with nature, the multiple composition of our individualities completes the whole picture till the level called the world of Infinity. Thus our unity has great implications, and eventually it takes us to the next level, to the next dimension.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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