A New Level Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe shouldn’t think only about how to gather together in order to feel the upper force between us, its plan, its goal, which has developed us throughout history.…

The spark that appeared in our world from the Big Bang developed all the matter by transferring to it all its energy, all information, and then obliged this matter to come together. At first the matter gathered from the energy and then the particles appeared. They began to connect and to create atoms, molecules, and different crystals.

On the still level, it’s simply an aspiration to cling on to one another and thus feel a greater state of connection. It is by the connection, the empowerment that the next states are reached: particular elements of nature, all its major parts.

Then the new, vegetative level (Ruach) appears, when the particles begin to move, to consume and to emit, and to pass from one to the other. Once again, everything develops only by the mutual connection. The next level, the animate one, is when the beasts have offspring and already organize themselves into families.

Then comes man who doesn’t just connect with others; he creates very complex societies, different groups, tribes, and families. He builds and develops. But once again, it is all based on unification. These unifications are egoistic, and they are essential for the next level of development.

Thus nature constantly urges us to advance in the direction of greater unity. This is what everything is based on.

Now we are on the next level of unity. We are moving in the same direction, but unification has to occur by our conscious participation: We have to participate in this and to fulfill it ourselves.

Nature pushes us towards forced development, like in the previous stages. But we cannot move on automatically to the next level. We need to want it ourselves because only by raising our consciousness can we create a sensory organ to identify and to receive the upper Light, the upper force.

Here we have to be included into each other personally and anti-egoistically, and this connection shouldn’t be based on ordinary unity like in the previous states. The current unity is built in spite of our natural tendencies because now we need to resemble the upper force and not just come together.

So in the current unification we have to think about and to include into ourselves all our friends from around the world. They are here, together with us. We have to feel all of their desires, feelings, thoughts, plans, and hopes here in this hall and between us, which is even better.

At the same time we have to think about humanity: What can we do so that they will also feel what the next level of their development is, and what level of recognition and feeling we, human beings, should rise to by turning into a unified image of man, or “Adam,”  which means “similar to the Creator.”

The most important thing is not to forget that the goal of our unity is to connect with the upper force of nature, which fills everything around us, determines everything, is the basis for everything, and which created the whole world from a spark of its energy. Through the spark that has developed to this state, we will be able to transcend to the next dimension to which our evolution is leading us today.

Therefore, we, all those who understand, who want to understand and to perceive this method, have gathered here from all over the world. We all hope that we succeed in that. It all depends only on our intentions, on our internal yearning for mutual collective unity.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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