We Are The First!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to be thankful for our fate, for being chosen to clearly know what the wisdom of Kabbalah is about and to present this to the entire world. We are the pioneers! We are the first of all the generations throughout our entire evolution. For billions of years, creation has been through a great chain of transformations. Finally, today, we are the first who can master this method and leave it ready to use, to be applied by those who follow.

We realize it on ourselves. We develop it in the connection between us, based on what is happening between us in the groups, in the connection. On this basis, we write new articles and study the materials about the types of connections between us. Through this practical work, we offer it in a realistic manner to all of humanity.

So, we are researchers, we are the pioneers of its practical use. On one hand, we have to be grateful for our fate, and on the other, we must be responsible for having been given this chance. According to the pace at which all of humanity is developing, we see the extent to which it feels the need for a new method of living.

Billions of people all over the world are asking: “What should we do?” We have to present all of this to them.

So, in the internal connections between us, we must not forget that we are doing this not only for ourselves since then we would be like egoists. We are doing this not only to reveal the upper force, its plan, and to feel it, gain understanding through the feeling, and study it in reality, but also in order to bring it to the rest of humanity.

Our internal movement should be accompanied by external expansion. These two actions should be balanced like organs in the body that operate as they should: They both receive and bestow. It is very important to remember the rest of the world and the upper force that created us so as to raise us to it. If we include all these components inside us, we develop correctly and very quickly.

We have been through so much already: many conventions, meetings, and unity evenings. However, today, we are in a situation where we simply must demand from ourselves and from the upper force its actual revelation so that we actually will begin working with it between us, so that all of us and the upper force that is felt between us will be revealed as one whole.

We should demand very clearly that our prayer, our demand, is fulfilled. Each of us should not just wait, but by every action we make, move forward with the right demand to feel the Creator through unity.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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