Empty Philosophy Or Practical Science?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOver the course of the many years that I’ve been explaining the method of integral cooperation, I give the example of our physical body, which is made up of different organs. All the organs seem to operate on their own: the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, or the liver. Each operates at its own pace and order and in each there is an internal program, a software, but everything is based on cooperation.

Although they all operate on different planes, at a different pace, with totally different internal tasks, they should all have one collective task: to keep the whole body in a balanced state, which depends only on the right cooperation of each corrected part. A corrected part is the part that cooperates with all the others, and its internal work is aimed only at agreement with all the other parts of the body.

We, too, should each feel ourselves as small organs in one big body. The creation of our collective vessel of perception, of a new sensory organ, depends on the fact that no one operates as a separate body, but in agreement with all the other parts of the system.

So everything should be directed not at our individual internal development, which actually doesn’t exist, but only at connection!

There are still many people who come to us and study from the books, but only in order to know, to see what is written there. But they are not included in the general work of connection and unity, and so they don’t understand where all this is headed. “Oh well, it’s a science, a theory, that speaks about exchanging places and movements in some imaginary space, upwards and downwards, about different connections between some kind of unfamiliar objects. Where are they? It is all rather abstract because in our world all this doesn’t exist. So what should I do with this?”

These people don’t understand that they have to connect between themselves, and only in the connection between them will they begin to see through these ties: “Where are these parts? Where is this level of Bina, the giving, the receiving, the restriction of the desire, the rising above the desire in the connection with others, receiving from them and bestowing upon them?” Until they try to implement all this in the connection between them, the wisdom of Kabbalah will be an empty philosophy for them, which doesn’t say anything.

So the main thing is not to study what is in the books, but to yearn to feel what we study, to implement it in our life, in the connection between us. Otherwise, like our teachers tell us, a person “dries up.” He simply doesn’t see the results of what he reads. Of course, there are many interesting things there, lots of information, but it is just some abstract study and nothing more than that.

While the method itself is very practical, and we have to implement it between us.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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