Humanity As An Integral System

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can talk at great length about our interconnection, which in recent times obliges us to make contact with each other at the emotional level. We need to start connecting with each other not only in accordance with ecological laws, manufacturing processes, the banking system, mutual upbringing, and healthcare, but personally. Correspondingly, all the nations need to engage in good relations with each other.

In the process of the evolution of nature, development went through still, vegetative, and animate levels before reaching the level of man. The human civilization developed through the same stages too, leading us to the point where we’re starting to acquire the image of one man. Precisely this state is called Adam, Human.

And here comes a question: How will we achieve this? It’s impossible to exist any other way since our further development requires a good mutual relationship, and without it, we won’t be able to correct the laws of economics, industry, and trade. The world is at a dead end, confused; it doesn’t understand what to do next. People have lost their interconnection altogether because in our time it is a heartfelt, soulful connection that is demanded of us, something that has never existed between us.

We either despised each other, exchanged goods, or collaborated out of hopelessness in manufacturing and trade. But it wasn’t required of an individual or a government to have a good relationship with their partner. However, now we are to required to exert internal, psychological efforts in relation to a stranger, and our development consists of just that.

We can feel that without such relationships, we cannot exist correctly, even in our own home. If I share an apartment with a few people, we find a way to get along provided each of us has their own space. But right now, we are so dependent on each other—each on everyone—that without correct relationships between us, our life becomes simply horrible.

Therefore it’s necessary for us to come to an agreement, and this agreement is called mutual guarantee. In other words, our relationships need to be such that each will feel that his or her life depends on others. That’s how soldiers from the same unit know that their life depends on all the others, and if each one doesn’t support and care for the rest, all of them will lose.

Such systems of mutual dependence exist in nature and technology: They are called integral or analog systems. Within them, all the parts are so interconnected that if any piece fails, the entire mechanism stops working. Evidently, as human society developed, we have grown to the point of reaching this kind of connection.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/2/12

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