The Most Important Thing Is To Open Your Eyes

Dr. Michael LaitmanCorrection occurs from the easiest to increasingly more difficult. However, the due correction seems difficult to us on every degree, and we cannot imagine anything bigger and harder. Every person perceives it according to their own degree.

Yet if we look at the whole spiritual ladder, it is certain that the higher we rise, the more difficult the desires we work with are. But with the experience that one has already received and the partially corrected desires that he has previously reached, it is easier for a person to overcome these hardships and advance.

It is written that “wisdom comes with experience.” Thus we perceive corrections with more ease, they become clearer to us. The key is to conquer the first degree. The most difficult thing is to open your eyes.

Let’s hope that we will accomplish it very soon. It depends on the world and us since we are inseparable from each other.
From the Preparation for the Lesson 3/9/2012

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