Will Europe Reunite?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is Europe’s role in the correction of the world?

Answer: Europe has a very important role in the correction of the world. I am very happy with the news about the growing integration in Europe. Just recently there were talks about disintegrating the EU and about throwing Greece and other countries out. But today it turns out that it is impossible to separate. The Europeans examined the situation and discovered that the disintegration of the Union would lead to total collapse.

So they are already speaking about building Europe similarly to the US, with a federal government for all. And all this is happening in Europe where nations dislike each other even today.

This is how the upper Light conveys the idea of integration to us, and although they are not too thrilled about it, they are making a new plan from hopelessness. I have been writing about this in my blog for several years, and now the unification of Europe may actually be realized.

Now that they have taken this new direction, we will see what the trend will be, to what extent they will advance, and what changes it will bring about. The Europeans still need an integral education system, of course, but we may be able to offer it to them because they are already prepared for that in a way. Otherwise, how will they manage to unite in the background of all internal conflicts?

One way or the other, it is a very important change of direction.

Question: How is it possible to hasten the integral upbringing? After all, it takes a long time.

Answer: Ordinary education takes a long time, but not integral upbringing. After all, it is realized in large groups of people who suffer and who immediately receive support from nature. It is enough to perform minor actions towards connection and the corresponding upbringing, and by that you will already be more balanced with nature, at least by one or two percent. In response to that you will certainly begin to feel positive changes.

The moment the process reaches the masses, it will immediately ease the feeling of crisis. After all, the “crisis” is the lack of the connection that we should have reached. This is what creates the negative feeling in the current situation. Therefore, the moment you take the first steps towards connection, the crisis will stop.

Then everything will work out. You will understand how to divide the resources and the services. Crime rates will decrease, people’s health will improve, suddenly you will discover new financial resources, and so on.

So it isn’t only about integral upbringing. After all, because of its lack a person spends great sums of money in order to satisfy his or her needs.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/2012, Writing of Rabash

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  1. Hi,
    What about all the Muslims in Europe. They do not want to integrate, but to conquer and wage war according to their religion. A religion totaly incompatible with our values and hardwon freedom.

    All the best
    Per Anton

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