How Do You Calculate Infinity?

where-do-our-thoughts-ideas-and-dreams-come-fromWe have no chance of attaining the spiritual reality with our egoistic mind. It simply can’t perceive it! Spiritual perception is called attainment (Hasaga), which comes from the saying, “Attainment in the hand,” where the “hand” is the corrected egoistic desire.

This is why there are certain rules in the science of Kabbalah: “From Your actions, I will know You,” “The judge has no more than what his eyes can see,” and so on. These sayings indicate that the Upper World has to be revealed through clear attainment.

We go through 125 degrees of attainment, from the beginning to the end. Each degree consists of 25 individual Partzufim or states (see Baal HaSulam’s “Beit Shaar HaKavanot”). It turns out that each of the 125 degrees, called a “Sefira,” includes 25 of its own forms, and each of those also includes 25 of its own sub-forms, and so on, until Infinity.

This is impossible to calculate. There is no specific number that can designate them. Only on a higher level, where there are no letters or numbers, can we comprehend all of this diversity, because we will have new qualities and a new mind. Then, the number of forms will turn into a higher quality and we will perceive it naturally and simply.

Therefore, an infinite number of Partzufim, Sefirot, worlds or degrees of spiritual attainment, only seems infinite to our current mind. However, for a spiritual mind, everything is reduced to a simple desire for bestowal and love, where we feel adhesion with the Creator as one whole “I, where we, the Light, and the Creator are One!”


  1. Question

    IF we are one from the beginning and will be one in the end. Coming from the source and going back to the source

    Why did the creator in his light created all those dark aspects within humankind?

    Is life a game the creator is playing himself ?

  2. Yes It’s a cruel game to place humanity in such circuntances.

  3. If there were no dark spaces then zimzum could not occur and we could not recognize the need or desire the Creator. There would be no need for correction as all would be in unity. The seferot would not have room to expand and grow.

  4. Perhaps we are not supposed to “calculate” infinity. It seems to me that “INFINITY” cannot be measured or calculated in the human sense of the words — measure and calculate. So, lokking at the SEPHEROT, that is the 10 continuous rising or descending pathways towards the LIGHT or downwards to the mirrored LIGHT of Malkut, is the individual or the unity to strive to remain at the CENTRAL COLUMN of the 10?

    Is this why 613 desires are but 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 ……. ever returning to the ONE or “three in one” of the completed or whole /adamkadmon/?

    Isn’t this movement upwards/downwards and ever-cycling spiral into INFINITY? And, that this cannot be understood, but only LIVED day by day, correcting, desiring, pursuing, finding, losing, remaining at PEACE during this everlasting, continuous movement?

    Is that what is meant by BE HERE NOW and one will KNOW, UNDERSTAND, UNITE with ALL in the LIGHT?

    All that I have just asked seems so trivial, yet I also feel deep within that this is the WAY of ZOHAR given by the CREATOR out of LOVE for the overall MYSTERY that propels the UNIVERSE.

    Thank you for the inspiration that I receive from the teachings, Rabbi. I hope to bestow what has been received. I don’t know how! But, here I am responding.

  5. Hallo Rabbi Laitman

    The Zohar teaches that one of the Rabbies entered the next world ashamed because his flaw was the desire to attain. The perfectly righteous ones entered the next world without shame – no desire to attain. Please will you explain this fully so we understand it correctly and correct our intentions for lishma.

  6. Is it true that the 30 emanations which define the worlds of spirit and body are actually revealed in each book of torah by divisions into days weeks months and years? For example..the 30 days in the proverbs shows the upper world and 150 days of the psalms shows the lower and middle worlds.

  7. Without a sensor with which to perceive either the infinite or infinitesimal, they remain abstractions and unknowable. Their reality remaining a logical necessity, but not being intimately familiar. The Truth of the upper force is implicitly shown qualitatively in the experience of peace, joy, love and acceptance. Strong community, versus alienation. The permeability of an individual ego is risky when others are not equally permeable, one could end up a prematurely popped bubble? How do we best overflow into our friends without being shattered or drowning others with what they aren’t prepared to recieve ?

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