5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: 3 Lines In The Inner Work

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.30.09

Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson
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The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “Noah,” Item 174
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Article “Body and Soul,” Lesson 6
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The Spiritual World Is Felt Through The Desires Of Others

When you bring the desires of others closer to you, you fulfill the necessary condition for feeling the spiritual world, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” By turning the desires of others into your own desires, you will feel the Upper World through them. So what do you have to do to bring their desires closer to you? You have to try to envision the correlation between yourself and others in the following way.

What seems to you as another person, the “neighbor,” is actually your own desire. It is outside of you in order to give you the opportunity to accept it as being corrected. There are egoistic desires inside you that you cannot correct; you can only “freeze” them and ascend above them. Besides that, there is also a “foreign” desire to enjoy that is outside of you; but it only seems foreign because it is corrected in relation to you and has the form of bestowal!

There is a great common Kli or desire that is entirely aimed at bestowal. And then there is you, the receiver, with just your own small black box. Do you want to see the true reality? Go ahead – it’s inside that common Kli! It’s here! All you have to do is enter it, become part of it and feel it! It is above and beyond all the boundaries and limits; it is absolutely good and does only good. It has no life or death, but just Infinite fulfillment.


The desires of other people are already corrected. They are all inside Malchut of the World of Infinity, which includes everything. However, you have to acquire them, and you can only do so gradually, bit by bit. You enter there a little bit at a time, until you encompass it all. On this path you go through five worlds and 125 levels, gradually acquiring this entire huge desire.

However, you acquire that which is ready and corrected! You only have to know how to receive it by correcting your attitude to it, by connecting to it the right way. This is the meaning of Malchut of the World of Infinity.

Kabbalists write that the “neighbor” is your spiritual Kli which is already corrected and is outside of you, in other people. You only have to make it a part of you, connect to it and approach it correctly. You have to perform a restriction (Tzimtzum Alef) on your egoism in order to make sure that you don’t demand more than your animate body needs. Then everything else will be your Kli, and you can take it!

This desire that’s outside of you is your soul, whereas the “you” of today is a disappearing illusion.

In Spirituality, Every Moment Is Unique

Faith Above Reason Is Bestowal Above Reception In spirituality, decisions are made as if the present moment is the only moment there is. When I make a decision on my spiritual path to resolve a situation I face, I have to make it as if it were the last moment of my life. This is because resolving problems quickly and correctly leads to the next step in my spiritual path.

In the material realm, we are connected to this world and our egoism stretches out events and situations, thus creating the sense of time. In spirituality, however, each moment exists on its own and is unique.

That is why the screen of a Partzuf, as a result of the collision of the Inner and Outer Lights, weakens the Light and decides to reject it. When the screen rejects the Light, the Partzuf doesn’t know what will happen to it and which new condition it is approaching. The only thing the Partzuf knows is that it cannot remain in this situation for more than one moment, because it has lost its bond with the Creator. The Partzuf cannot remain in this new situation and it stops thinking of what will happen in the next moment. This makes its decisions and state in the spiritual world genuine.

Once in a while we see a video of September 11th and we are reminded of how people jumped off the hundredth floor of a burning skyscraper. How can a person do that if he knows that he will inevitably fall to his death? The moment he jumps, he’s thinking only about escaping the fire. The next moment that he will spend in the air will be better than being burned in the fire, so he jumps! What will happen to him a moment later is not important for him.

The same applies to a Partzuf that realizes that it has lost its connection with the Creator. There can be nothing worse that this! It can make do without Light, but it cannot live without a link to the Creator! And thus, it rejects the Light.

When We Reveal Spirituality, We Reveal Ourselves

revealus Everything exists inside of my desire. It is where the entire Light of the World of Infinity is revealed, as well as all the other worlds. I perceive everything that exists inside my desire. All the images of reality exist inside of me.

By discovering new layers of desire, I start sensing new worlds that were previously hidden from me. The easiest and most reliable way to uncover new desires is by means of the group, through our joint aspirations, within the connection between us, and by gathering all the desires together in order to reveal our hidden internal layers and worlds.

We exist in the World of Infinity and we have to try to unveil it within ourselves, as it is written: “I revealed and was filled by something that has existed since the dawn of time!”

The Revelation Of The Book Of Zohar Depends On Our Efforts To Feel It

A Reshimo Is One's Complete Future State When I read The Book of Zohar, I want it to change me in some way: to take me through ascents, descents, impressions, and feelings. I don’t want to just hear the words, but I want to feel sensuous changes within me.

This does not happen right away. It is like a baby who does not hear or see anything during the first few days of his life, and then he begins to hear and see, but still doesn’t understand anything yet. After that he begins to actively learn about the world – and then there is no stopping him. He grabs hold of everything, climbs everywhere, he needs to touch everything and learn about everything. That is what we should do – learn from a baby’s example.

After all, this is how we are gradually born into the spiritual world. We need to learn from the example of a baby – to endlessly aspire to feel the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is the unification of all the individual aspirations to the Creator into one whole desire. It is within this desire that we will feel the Creator. When reading The Book of Zohar, we have to search for the sensations it describes inside us: “What is Atik, Arich Anpin, what does it mean to ascend, to descend, how do I join the AHP of the Upper Level, how does it raise me?” By doing so, you will be like a baby that grows and develops!

This is why it is written: “I labored and found.” It is up to us to make the effort and to desire the revelation. We have to aspire to attain the force of bestowal and unification, and then we will find it.

Some people find it difficult to feel, while others find it easy. However, when we are studying The Zohar in a group, everything averages out. If we all wish to achieve this, if each person strives for it according to his capabilities, then this will happen. It’ll simply happen to everyone sitting in the classroom or watching the lesson through the Internet or on TV.

We must only make a constant effort toward seeking out these sensations in us. Then we will gradually feel them inside us and will respond to every word in the book. What matters is not whether you understand what is written in the right or the wrong way, but the effort you make to awaken inner feelings and reactions to the words in The Book of Zohar.

A Practical Method To Reveal The Hidden Part Of The World

hiddenpart We are able to exist in the world thanks to having scientific knowledge about it and its nature. We feel our world inside the quality of reception. To the extent it develops in us, we feel and examine the world more, revealing it more and more inside this growing quality in us.

There are things that are temporarily concealed from me and everyone else. This is what people aren’t aware of yet, but will discover with time. There are also other things that are concealed, but that are revealed to others, such as experts, doctors, and scientists, on whom we can rely.

Besides that, there are also things that are absolutely concealed and unknowable. This realm cannot be known by people at all unless they acquire another way to feel and attain the world – inside the quality of bestowal. Then we will feel a world that is completely hidden from our qualities of reception.

There are theories about the hidden world (God) and the obligations that it places on us. They are called beliefs and religions. There are many of them, and they often contradict one another, for the reason that they are surmising about the concealed part of the world. Their adherents do not talk about the possibility of revealing Him (God), but about the possibility and benefit of using Him during this lifetime or in the “world to come.” However, they talk about things that they cannot attain.

Although they may be smart and practical, they still do not study how to penetrate into the hidden reality. If they existed in it, they would strive to reveal it to everyone, since this is the purpose of creation. Instead, they just try to convince us of what others have convinced them in the past. They are great speakers and are very knowledgeable, they can find their way around many texts, but they do not give specific, practical advice about how one can achieve the revelation of the hidden world. This attitude to the concealed world is called religion or belief.

Finally, there are people who have acquired the quality of bestowal; inside this quality, they attain the world that is completely hidden to the quality of reception. They invite all those who desire to reveal it to do as they did. They don’t tell you to change your life and carry out any specific actions, since there is no connection between physical actions and the quality of bestowal. They only explain how both worlds are arranged and how to reveal them completely – not by believing in God, but by revealing the Creator.

Expanding The Limits Of Reality

expanding The world is divided into a revealed part and a concealed part for every person. The revealed part is what we perceive through our senses and the mind that is behind them. We can research it and rely on our conclusions.

Studying the world through science helps me expand the limits of the revealed part of the world; gradually, parts of the concealed world become revealed to me. I don’t just reveal the world directly, but I can also rely on people who have studied this world, such as doctors and scientists. I can use their knowledge as my own. After all, I cannot discover the whole world on my own during my short life.

Even if I were to attain everything that I could, the world would still be divided relative to me into the concealed and revealed parts. That is because there is a part of the world that will never be revealed to me inside my sensations. It will never be revealed by any science, even far in the future. That’s because it is impossible for us to perceive that part of the world in any way, and if we don’t perceive something, then we can’t imagine or study it.

This part of reality that is concealed from my direct attainment becomes revealed with the help of the science of Kabbalah. By carrying out the advice of the people who have already revealed it, I also reveal it and expand my attainment to encompass all the existing realty, which is called the Creator.

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Two Levels In Our Relationship

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.29.09

Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson
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Writings of Rabash, Shlavey HaSulam, “The Importance of the Friends”
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“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 13, Lesson 20
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Article “Body and Soul,” Lesson 5
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