A Practical Method To Reveal The Hidden Part Of The World

hiddenpart We are able to exist in the world thanks to having scientific knowledge about it and its nature. We feel our world inside the quality of reception. To the extent it develops in us, we feel and examine the world more, revealing it more and more inside this growing quality in us.

There are things that are temporarily concealed from me and everyone else. This is what people aren’t aware of yet, but will discover with time. There are also other things that are concealed, but that are revealed to others, such as experts, doctors, and scientists, on whom we can rely.

Besides that, there are also things that are absolutely concealed and unknowable. This realm cannot be known by people at all unless they acquire another way to feel and attain the world – inside the quality of bestowal. Then we will feel a world that is completely hidden from our qualities of reception.

There are theories about the hidden world (God) and the obligations that it places on us. They are called beliefs and religions. There are many of them, and they often contradict one another, for the reason that they are surmising about the concealed part of the world. Their adherents do not talk about the possibility of revealing Him (God), but about the possibility and benefit of using Him during this lifetime or in the “world to come.” However, they talk about things that they cannot attain.

Although they may be smart and practical, they still do not study how to penetrate into the hidden reality. If they existed in it, they would strive to reveal it to everyone, since this is the purpose of creation. Instead, they just try to convince us of what others have convinced them in the past. They are great speakers and are very knowledgeable, they can find their way around many texts, but they do not give specific, practical advice about how one can achieve the revelation of the hidden world. This attitude to the concealed world is called religion or belief.

Finally, there are people who have acquired the quality of bestowal; inside this quality, they attain the world that is completely hidden to the quality of reception. They invite all those who desire to reveal it to do as they did. They don’t tell you to change your life and carry out any specific actions, since there is no connection between physical actions and the quality of bestowal. They only explain how both worlds are arranged and how to reveal them completely – not by believing in God, but by revealing the Creator.

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