Expanding The Limits Of Reality

expanding The world is divided into a revealed part and a concealed part for every person. The revealed part is what we perceive through our senses and the mind that is behind them. We can research it and rely on our conclusions.

Studying the world through science helps me expand the limits of the revealed part of the world; gradually, parts of the concealed world become revealed to me. I don’t just reveal the world directly, but I can also rely on people who have studied this world, such as doctors and scientists. I can use their knowledge as my own. After all, I cannot discover the whole world on my own during my short life.

Even if I were to attain everything that I could, the world would still be divided relative to me into the concealed and revealed parts. That is because there is a part of the world that will never be revealed to me inside my sensations. It will never be revealed by any science, even far in the future. That’s because it is impossible for us to perceive that part of the world in any way, and if we don’t perceive something, then we can’t imagine or study it.

This part of reality that is concealed from my direct attainment becomes revealed with the help of the science of Kabbalah. By carrying out the advice of the people who have already revealed it, I also reveal it and expand my attainment to encompass all the existing realty, which is called the Creator.

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