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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.23.09

Preparation To The Lesson
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Baal HaSulam, Letter 45, 1927, Lesson 3
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Article “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 37, Lesson 16
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Article, “Body and Soul,” Lesson 1
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The Book of Zohar – Selections, chapter “Noah,” Item 122
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Daily Kabblah Lesson – 11.22.09

Preparation To The Lesson
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Rabash Article #1 1984 “The Purpose of the Association”
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Article “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 35, Lesson 15
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Articles “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Its Essence”
“Body and Soul”

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A True Connection To The Creator

trueconnection A question I received: Does a Kabbalist become religious once he reveals the Creator?

My Answer: A Kabbalist is concerned with just one thing: how to attain a connection with the Creator. Everything else falls into place depending on this. Everything that is happening to you right now is happening in your uncorrected desire. Your attitude to the whole world, to yourself, and to the Creator is completely wrong. So how can you have the right attitude to Him?

If you correct yourself, then it doesn’t matter what your connection with the Creator will be like. The most important thing is that it will be real and true, and this is what the Creator is waiting for from us.

Therefore, we don’t ask what form our religions will take in the future, or how people will behave, what their lifestyle will be, and whether this world will exist at all. The most important thing is that it will be the truth.

If I am uncorrected right now, then everything I feel, see, think and understand now is incorrect, both in my mind and my heart. Therefore, none of it will remain in the future; all the broken things will be replaced by corrected ones.

So what will life be like? I don’t know, and I cannot imagine this within my corrupted qualities. I can only tell you that everything will turn into its opposite, as it is written: “I saw a reverse world!” You only have to be ready for the changes that the Upper Light will perform to us.

All The Different Religions Are A Reflection Of Our Disunity

reflection All beliefs that go beyond the limits of the most primitive beliefs about the forces of nature, came to us from the science of Kabbalah. The science of Kabbalah itself originated from the revelation of the Upper Force by Abraham, who recognized the relationship between the Creator and all the levels of desire.

On the lowest level of desire, this is expressed as the “gifts” that Abraham gave to the children of his concubines and whom he then sent to the East. This is the origin of the Eastern religions, which are very close to nature and man’s body.

A different method operates on the highest, most egoistic, fourth level of desire. This is the method Abraham taught to his group of students, who later turned into the nation of Israel (where Isra-el means “straight to the Creator”). When his students (the nation of Israel) fell from their spiritual level of bestowal and love for the neighbor, into egoism and mutual hatred (known as the fall of the Second Temple), then in order to replace Kabbalah – “life with the Creator,” people came up with the religion of Judaism, which is life without the sensation of the Creator.

When people’s desire was corrected and used for bestowal and love, the people felt the Creator and the Upper Life within that desire. But when that same desire fell from bestowal into reception, into the egoistic intention of “for myself,” people began to feel just this world. That is when Kabbalah (sensation, attainment, and revelation) was replaced by religion (faith, mysticism, and tradition).

Thus, the religion of Judaism is an imprint of the science of Kabbalah and the desire to bestow, within the broken desire to receive (the fourth layer of desire). The sparks of this breaking fell into other layers of desire; that is how the third layer formed Christianity and the second one – Islam. These religions were created according to how people understood Kabbalah’s imprint within their egoistic desire. This also makes it clear that according to the Creator’s plan, humanity must go through these phases of egoistic development in order to realize its opposition to the Creator, following the principle, “The value of the Light comes from the darkness.”

All the religions, beliefs, and faiths (which add up to about 3800 in the whole world) come from different ways of imagining the Creator within the egoistic desire, in all of its different forms. This is why there are so many different religious approaches in the world and none of them understand one another. It’s because they all come from Kabbalah’s division into different religions – the shift from the sensation of unity to the sensation of disunity.

In the past, the breaking of the Upper Level (the fall of the Second Temple) brought about egoistic social relations, an egoistic attitude of the common desire toward the Creator, which caused all the religions and beliefs to emerge. However, if we, those who have a point in the heart, now correct the connection among us on that higher level, then we will be able to correct all the religions and faiths. Then, everything will become part of the unity with the Creator.

The Only Thing That Our World Needs

onlything The only thing that our world needs is the revelation of the Creator. Then, our world will become the spiritual world, and all the forces of the spiritual world point to only one thing – their Master.

Even in our world, light and darkness, as well as all their different shades and any other pictures we see – everything depends on and comes from the sun. Without the sun, there would be nothing but utter darkness.

The same is true for the spiritual world. Essentially a person reveals only one thing in addition to this world – the Upper Force, “There is none else beside Him.” But this force shows us all kinds of pictures and qualities of the Upper World.

What we reveal is not the actual Upper Force, but its manifestation and governance over the network that binds all the souls. That is why we never speak of the Creator’s essence, but only of His giving quality.

However, a giver must have someone to give to; He must be in a place where His giving can be revealed. He cannot reveal Himself, but only His actions with respect to someone else. Therefore, the Creator can only be revealed where He acts and governs – in matter, the desire that He created, which is the souls that are connected to one another. And the stronger their connection, the greater is the Creator’s revelation.

He created our matter and resides within it. On our part, we are brought to a Kabbalistic group where we must reveal unity. Once we reveal that unity, within it we will reveal the Creator, the force that unites us.

There is nothing else for us to reveal. We can never attain the force in and of itself, but only its manifestations – the matter and form of bestowal that it assumes. It’s similar to how in our world we only attain matter – the desire to enjoy and the form it assumes.

Spiritual Attainment Is Never Lost

infinity A question I received: If a person starts studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, manages to attain spirituality, and then dies a few years later, does he have to come back into this world and suffer again in order to ask the same question: “What is the meaning of my life?” And then does he have to start doing the same work all over again in order to pass the Machsom and from there to advance onwards?

My Answer: Well, you tell me: every time a person has to go through a new learning experience in life, doesn’t he also have to “die” and “come back” in order to ask, “What is the meaning of my life?” Indeed, before taking any new step in life, a person has to ask himself: “What is the meaning of my life? What am I doing here, why, and how?”

If a person is making a truly spiritual action, then it always has to start from zero, as if the person dies. In this respect, it does not make a big difference whether his physical body is alive or not. The death of one’s physical body indicates that a person has to replace the lowest degree of his desire to enjoy, the degree that causes us to feel our earthly body and this material world.

On the lowest degree of the common created desire, a person perceives his Partzuf as the earthly body, and he perceives that degree as this world. This degree never changes and it has to accompany a person throughout the entire duration of his correction process, all the way until the full correction.

Aside from the material degree, a person also perceives the spiritual degrees as he climbs them. But once in a while he has to replace the lowest degree (the physical body), which means that he has to die and be reborn.

However, replacing the lowest degree does not mean that one has to start his spiritual path all over again. It just means that he will traverse this path with much greater ease this time around. After all, one’s spiritual attainment never disappears. In the following life cycle, a person will easily find a teacher and a group, will quickly attain everything he has gone through before, and will continue onwards. However, in order to attain a new level and a new realty, he will have to go through a certain adaptation process.

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