The Most Popular Profession Of The Future

pipe.jpg In the future, only 5% of humanity will work on providing the whole world with the “necessary things for existence,” while everyone else will work on advertising the importance of the spiritual goal. Alternatively, all 100% will be engaged in spiritual correction, and will work one hour a day to provide themselves with “what is necessary for existence.”

The work of developing spiritual connections between all the souls is continuous. The Creator has to be revealed in this world, which means that each person in this world has to be inspired by your desire for spirituality and your feeling of its importance. In response, they will inspire you with the same thing from their end. To the extent you inspire each other, you will desire and be able to connect with each other.

Today we are just beginning the work of disseminating Kabbalah. Dissemination is not just about disseminating the knowledge (such as through books, internet, and TV), but also about establishing a connection between every person and everyone else. This is the practical implementation of the correction.

Everyone will have to work on this, since we are all inside a system of connections within the common Kli where the Creator, or the spiritual world, becomes revealed. Dissemination is an opportunity for every person to tune into the corrected system.

Therefore, we have to realize that the dissemination of Kabbalah is not a duty, but the action of correction itself. It is your connection with the world.

Our Whole World Is A Movie Playing Inside Us

playinginside Our desires exist outside of our bodies. In the past, however, people used to think that one’s qualities are contained in one’s heart, which meant that if you could change a person’s heart, then the person would change as well. But the first heart transplant proved all these conjectures false, showing that the heart is simply a pump. The same is true of the brain; in fact, it can’t even be called a computer.

As for the body, it is but an image that we imagine as being our existence. However, our true I – the spiritual I – is beyond this image.

This entire world is depicted exclusively within our sensations, within us. The three-dimensional screen we are watching is not really depicting the world around us, but the picture of the forces inside us. We don’t see anything else outside of that, which is why it seems to us that we are surrounded by a live world.

What surrounds us is a panoramic screen. We only know what we perceive, and we perceive only what is being shown to us at this moment. It is only when the spiritual picture appears to us that we realize that we’ve been watching a movie all this time.

The science of Kabbalah is a method that helps us transition to a new perception. And that is exactly what we should expect from it. We shouldn’t desire empty, theoretical knowledge from Kabbalah books, but a vision of another, higher world – a clear vision of ourselves and the Creator.

The Book Of Zohar Shows Us The Path To A Well Of Living Water

well As we read The Book of Zohar, we should understand that it speaks only about the connection between our souls and the one general system in existence of which we are all part. The Zohar speaks about the various degrees of connection and the actions that bind us. It is expressly for this purpose that it uses names of people and objects from this world, as well as names of angels, Sephirot, Partzufim and other spiritual objects. The only focus in all of this is the correlation of desires, and the reader should imagine himself inside of this net of connections. Then The Book of Zohar will begin to influence him.

Try to feel that you are inside a world of forces and desires, in a field that connects us all together. There is not one mention of our world, but everything speaks only about the inner connection between people. Just imagine how everything it describes is about you – it is you who ascends and descends along the spiritual degrees, relating to different parts of Zeir Anpin, which are called Jacob, Noah, David, Abraham, Isaac, and so on. All of this is you! As a result, you will see this entire picture before you.

The effort we exert to enter this picture is what will create it within us, because this is what draws the Upper Light onto us. For example, take the following except:

There are two waters in your hole, and they are seeping from your well. The hole is an empty space that does not let out water, and the well is the water swiftly pouring to the outside. But they are both together in one place, representing Nukva (creation, Malchut, the heart, or the desire). Until she unites with her husband, the Creator, she stands there like an empty hole, like a pauper who is dependent on everybody. But when she unites with Him, she becomes a well full of water. The well becomes filled with water from above – from Zeir Anpin, the Creator, and its water pours downward, toward the souls of the righteous.

Every person must imagine that this is written about him and his state. Either he is an empty hole or a well full of water; this depends on the extent of his ability to connect to the other souls or points in the heart. However, the whole system exists within one’s desire.

If one feels like a pauper who doesn’t have anything (this is how a person feels when he comes to Kabbalah), then this desire makes him feel like a Nukva (a desire to be fulfilled) opposite the Creator. A person must then realize that he can only receive the fulfillment to the extent that he corrects his desire. That is when the empty hole will become a well full of water, longing to fulfill others and the Creator. That is how a person becomes an eternal spring from which living water flows.

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Why Disseminate Kabbalah?

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.17.09

Preparation To The Lesson
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Writings of Baal Sulam, Letter 44, 1927, pg 130
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“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 30, Lesson 12
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“The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Its Essence,” Lesson 12
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The Intention Of Bestowal Is The Research Tool In The Science Of Kabbalah

First Become a Scientist, and Then You Can Speak Against Science A question I received: Why isn’t the Surrounding Light necessary to study regular sciences, but absolutely necessary to study the science of Kabbalah? What is the difference between Kabbalah and other sciences?

My Answer: Regular sciences are studied using one’s egoistic desire, and the researcher is not expected to do anything beyond this world. Regular sciences do not go beyond examining the egoistic material, our desire to receive pleasure. It is this desire that makes us believe that there is an enormous world around us that we are examining. But in truth, what we are examining is our inner desire on the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels, which exist within us.

All the animals, vegetation, and inanimate objects, and generally speaking, all the things we attain through the earthly sciences, are actually depicted to us in our desire to receive pleasure. This is why at the end of the day, we only discover our own desire. This is what all the sciences do, such as physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and others. All of this is inside us.

And what about the wisdom of Kabbalah? It is also within us. The only difference is that regular sciences examine our egoistic desires in their original form, which was initially given to us, whereas the wisdom of Kabbalah examines our desires after an “upgrade” – once they have the intention to bestow. However, we first need to acquire this intention in order to perform the research.

This is why the examiner of our corporal desire to receive pleasure does not have to change. The phenomena that he studies are those that appear inside his own egoistic desire. The only thing he needs to study them is reason and logic.

But a person who wants to examine what happens in the desire to receive pleasure with the intention to bestow – a Kabbalist, must acquire the intention of bestowal, because that is his research tool.

Spiritual Inspiration Can Spread On A Global Scale

globeWe do everything for our own good, because our nature is the will to enjoy. This is why we always ask, “Why do I need this? What kind of profit will I make from this? Is it worth it for me to make the effort?”

This is why people have to receive an explanation of what they will gain by revealing the Creator. It takes great effort to do this, but revealing the importance of the goal provides the strength for it. It all depends on how much your environment understands the importance of the goal. In a corrected world, the only work that everyone in the world will do, besides providing for the bare necessities, is providing each other with mutual support to feel the importance of correction and spiritual development.

All the billions of people in the world will work on disseminating Kabbalah to each other, on influencing each other and inspiring one another to take greater part in the correction, and revealing a greater desire for this. In order to attain the corrected state, each person will have to personally disseminate, from his place in the common soul, the knowledge, impression, and importance of unity and correction. After all, every person is a cell of the single spiritual body, the Soul.

In order to be connected to the whole body, every cell must tell everyone about how it works and how important its work is. It must be impressed by how it influences the others and how much they need it; otherwise it won’t have the right to exist.

In A Perfect Tango With The Creator

drugs A question I received: What should I do if I feel that I am controlled from Above in every possible way?

My Answer: If you feel that everything is 100% controlled from Above, this is wonderful! What makes you think that you have to do anything about it? It’s very good if you feel that the Creator leads you and you are walking together with Him. The two of you are together in every movement, “body and soul” (with the body being your desires, and the soul – the place where you perceive His commands).

You feel His desires and immediately change your desires. You feel that you unite with Him, repeating all His steps after Him. You move together, until reaching the full correction, where it will no longer be possible to differentiate His desires from yours, to tell who is first and who is second. You will move together with Him without any delay. This state is called Gmar Tikkun – the End of Correction. It is when there is no difference between you and Him!

Striving To Sense A Different Dimension

relative The wisdom of Kabbalah is hidden from our senses and intellect. It belongs to a different dimension, one which we are incapable of perceiving and exploring directly.

As opposed to animals that are unable to comprehend the music created by humans, we possess a powerful imagination and the basic property called a point in the heart, which allows us to transform ourselves. It is to this end that we study Kabbalah, merely by maintaining a connection to the eternal wisdom. This is our most important work in this world.

It doesn’t matter how far a person advances in Kabbalah, or how much he understands. Simply studying the eternal wisdom of Kabbalah, which is beyond this world and above our unconscious state, is an expression of a desire to come out of this world, which is a great and timeless expression on its own. Every moment spent studying Kabbalah with the intention of getting closer to a new reality and getting rid of unconsciousness is a moment well spent.

It is written that after one’s body dies, the soul is asked only two questions: “Did you study Torah? Did you await salvation?” The question, “Did you study Torah?” means: Did you try to attract the Light that returns you to the Source? And the question, “Did you await salvation?” means: Did you believe that the Light would do this work for you, and did you strive to transform yourself into a “giving” being?

If a person pays even the least bit of attention to the wisdom of Kabbalah and studies it, he advances the entire group of souls that are close to him in the general system called “Adam.”

The Creator Is Born In The Connections Between Us

reminds We must strive to form such strong connections between members of the Kabbalah group that the connections can be called the “Creator.” The Creator is a measurement of the connection between us when we perceive others as we perceive ourselves. We must constantly ask ourselves if we are approaching this type of connection or not, and if we are getting closer to the Creator.

We give birth to the Creator by connecting with each other, because what we call the Creator is born of our relationships, tensions, bonds, and aspirations towards each other. Imagine that we are drawn so close to each other that we are pulled into a circle inside of which something called “Bore” (come and see) is revealed.  This means come inside and see the Creator.

What we create is in fact, a common Kli with ten Sefirot of bestowal. The common Kli is revealed and is filled if we make it our mission to find the right connections with each other. Instead of fantasizing about ourselves and the Creator, we must know that His revelation is our goal.