The Book Of Zohar Shows Us The Path To A Well Of Living Water

well As we read The Book of Zohar, we should understand that it speaks only about the connection between our souls and the one general system in existence of which we are all part. The Zohar speaks about the various degrees of connection and the actions that bind us. It is expressly for this purpose that it uses names of people and objects from this world, as well as names of angels, Sephirot, Partzufim and other spiritual objects. The only focus in all of this is the correlation of desires, and the reader should imagine himself inside of this net of connections. Then The Book of Zohar will begin to influence him.

Try to feel that you are inside a world of forces and desires, in a field that connects us all together. There is not one mention of our world, but everything speaks only about the inner connection between people. Just imagine how everything it describes is about you – it is you who ascends and descends along the spiritual degrees, relating to different parts of Zeir Anpin, which are called Jacob, Noah, David, Abraham, Isaac, and so on. All of this is you! As a result, you will see this entire picture before you.

The effort we exert to enter this picture is what will create it within us, because this is what draws the Upper Light onto us. For example, take the following except:

There are two waters in your hole, and they are seeping from your well. The hole is an empty space that does not let out water, and the well is the water swiftly pouring to the outside. But they are both together in one place, representing Nukva (creation, Malchut, the heart, or the desire). Until she unites with her husband, the Creator, she stands there like an empty hole, like a pauper who is dependent on everybody. But when she unites with Him, she becomes a well full of water. The well becomes filled with water from above – from Zeir Anpin, the Creator, and its water pours downward, toward the souls of the righteous.

Every person must imagine that this is written about him and his state. Either he is an empty hole or a well full of water; this depends on the extent of his ability to connect to the other souls or points in the heart. However, the whole system exists within one’s desire.

If one feels like a pauper who doesn’t have anything (this is how a person feels when he comes to Kabbalah), then this desire makes him feel like a Nukva (a desire to be fulfilled) opposite the Creator. A person must then realize that he can only receive the fulfillment to the extent that he corrects his desire. That is when the empty hole will become a well full of water, longing to fulfill others and the Creator. That is how a person becomes an eternal spring from which living water flows.

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  1. I understand that feeling of emplyness and disconnection very well as this article says people come to Kabbalah this way… so then to fill can’t come from myself, I am at the place where I don’t think anything I do can fill me up, nor can the world or other people so it must come from the Creator but do I just keep studying and trying to do good in the meantime?
    Thanks for your sharing, I like having a place to ask questions and hear others experiences with a Teacher…I’ve on many paths but none that are as full as this one.

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