Preparing Yourself To Approach The Creator

doThe Creator is an all-encompassing law of the universe. By demanding correction, we are not addressing someone, but we are preparing our desire for change from an egoistic desire to receive, to an altruistic desire to bestow.

As soon as we desire this, it will change! This will happen due to the Creator, the general law of the universe, immediately influencing our desire. The Creator is a spiritual field of bestowal and love in which we shift as the desire in us changes.  The Creator, however, is at a specific point in this field, relative to us. Initially we are opposite to it, and because of this, we are situated in the most external circle of this field, which is called “this world.”

To the extent that we desire to move closer to the center, towards the Creator’s qualities of love and bestowal, we cause this field to influence us, and it is able to move us. We can see that the Creator does not act on a whim, and we have no reason to wait for special treatment from Him.

My respect for the law of gravity will not change its effect on my body. In the same manner, if we follow the spiritual laws, we enter the spiritual world, and if not, we remain outside.

There is no protection, and it is useless to play up to and fawn over the Creator. The Creator is a force which reads my innermost desires rather than listening to my words. I advance to the extent that I correspond to this force.

The science of Kabbalah examines the laws of the spiritual world. It is spiritual physics, not lyrics. We exist in Nature; the Creator is Nature, and His laws are the laws of Nature.

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Disturbances Are The Problem – The Group Provides The Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Why do we need disturbances on the way to the Creator?

My Answer: Everyone goes to school. Every day my teachers give me problems and exercises in all the different subjects. I advance due to these exercises since I do not learn anything if I don’t solve these problems. Each problem is a disturbance.

Some people do sports, and in order to excel at their sport, they need to train hard on a daily basis and keep improving their skills. This rule applies to everything, and the spiritual path is no exception. There are, however, differences.

In our world I clearly see the goal. For example, I want to become a famous scientist, doctor, musician or sportsman.  In other words, I want to be someone special. Even though I need to overcome many obstacles, I clearly see the outcome, which is fame and the respect of the entire world. In this case egoism fills me with energy. People spend their entire lives trying to attain a respectful position in society, and they develop the strengths needed to reach their goal.

But in spiritual path, I do not feel like I am advancing and I do not have the strength to advance. It is because the people around me do not value spiritual ideals, and I myself do not yet see those ideals. So the problem is not the disturbances, since we have plenty of them in our every day lives. The problem is that I do not see the goal and I do not receive the support from the social environment. That is why we absolutely need the help of others.

If I am part of a group that constantly elevates the spiritual goal in my eyes, then it becomes easy for me to attain the goal. Overcoming an obstacle is no longer difficult, because I understand that any goal demands working with my own self. The most important thing is for the group to help me.

(From the Children’s Lesson in Buffalo, NY)

A Child’s Desire For Monthly Congresses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why don’t we have a Congress once a month?

Answer: We need to build the kind of connection between us that allows our real life to flow above the corporeal world, and our daily life to remain somewhere below. Then we would always be inspired and feel the great eternal life much stronger than during a Congress.

You can’t reach the spiritual world by train or plane – it is within us. We just need to evoke the spiritual sensation within us in order to feel the spiritual reality in the same way we feel this world. Our sensations need to be more acute and we must open our perception to what is happening right here in our own environment.

We already have the capacity to do this, and in doing so, we will find ourselves on an infinite adventure of such wonder that we will have nothing left to do but marvel at this ever expanding adventure.

We adults need to prepare the ground for you so that you will be ready to enter this world. And we will try our best.

Some Organs In The Body Of Humanity Are More Important Than Others

stuck There were many Kabbalists after the Ari, but not a single one of them was able to understand the Ari’s method at the root. Only Baal HaSulam was able to do this because he received the same soul as the Ari. It’s not because other Kabbalists were lower than him, but because the Ari’s method can only be understood by a soul from the same part of the common soul, from the same “spiritual organ” of the body as the soul of the Ari. Other souls understand the same thing from the perspective of their organ, whether it is the spiritual heart, brain, liver or lungs.

Your soul may come from a very important spiritual organ; it may even be higher than the soul of the Ari. However, since he is different from you and has different qualities, you are unable to truly feel his method, to feel “at home” with it as if you are dissolving in water. You cannot feel it as your life unless you are built the same way he is.

Therefore, we do not judge Kabbalists according to the height of their attainment, but according to how much they can help us correct and ascend. This depends on the type and character of their souls and their ability to help us.

Therefore, there is no one we should study besides Baal HaSulam, and no one else we can follow in order to reveal the Upper World. After all, he was the only one who merited the same soul as the Ari.

Any person who feels an aspiration for the spiritual world and desires to develop, is part of one of the most important spiritual organs. The rest of the souls are there to fill up the spaces in the body between the important organs, and thus they carry out a passive role.

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We Have The Right To Make A Demand Of The Creator

Laitman_2009-03_7952A question I received: Who am I to demand correction from the Creator?

My Answer: You are a created being, just like everyone else. The Creator purposely created us from one great desire to receive pleasure by being next to Him. Then He broke this desire into pieces and lowered them to the lowest, most distant degree from Him, called “this world.” Each one of the pieces is in each of us.

Now the Creator is waiting for each of us (men, women, smart, stupid, righteous, and sinners) to turn to Him, wishing to return to His level. The desire to return should be the greatest desire of all our desires. This means that it should not just be a request that arises in us, but it must be a scream of despair and a demand to the Creator to raise us to His level.

We are here precisely so that we can demand correction, and this demand is pleasant to the Creator! After all, if we wish to become similar to the Creator, this means we value His state and realize His greatness. On the contrary, if a person does not wish to become similar to the Creator, then he does not respect Him.

We are comprised only of the desire for something that is greater or better. Therefore, only after thousands of years of development does our ego begin to understand that the best thing is to be similar to the Creator! Like children, we have the right to demand this from our parent!

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Our Chance To Attain The Upper World

IMG_8378We have gone through a long chain of reincarnations, with previous incarnations being more difficult than what we are experiencing today. Compared to the suffering we’ve previously gone through, our current incarnation is a like a nice walk in this world.

However, our existence in this world is now special, since after thousands of years of egoistic development, we have been awakened to exit out of this world and enter the Upper World; to make a spiritual breakthrough.

Every person has a nucleus of perception of the Upper World called “the point in the heart,” which relentlessly pulls and pushes him. The matter in which we exist is the spiritual field, the Creator. There is no matter and there is no world.  The only thing that exists is the spiritual field that contains all the souls in an unconscious, sleeping state. Some of them, however, get inspired to wake up and reveal their own true state.

But since spirituality is perfect (complete), our desire to perceive it must be also perfect or complete. You cannot, therefore, listen to any arguments against spiritual development. If one’s soul awakens, then a person should listen to it and to no one else! In fact, the Creator Himself presents a person with the possibility to hear Him and a person must then pursue this no matter what.

Obviously, a person has to provide his family with all their necessities, respect his parents and help them when they’re old, but no one has the right to tell him to him how to deal with his own soul. Parents, family, and the entire world only accompany us in this world, but we exist here in order to enter the eternal and perfect world.

The reverse is also true in that we should not force anyone else in this world to engage in the revelation of the Upper World. However, if people around us demand that we give up the development of our souls, then we need to make the decision to either give up our souls for their sake or give them up for the sake of our souls.

This decision is made with the knowledge that the Creator is giving us a chance to attain the Upper World.

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