Disturbances Are The Problem – The Group Provides The Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Why do we need disturbances on the way to the Creator?

My Answer: Everyone goes to school. Every day my teachers give me problems and exercises in all the different subjects. I advance due to these exercises since I do not learn anything if I don’t solve these problems. Each problem is a disturbance.

Some people do sports, and in order to excel at their sport, they need to train hard on a daily basis and keep improving their skills. This rule applies to everything, and the spiritual path is no exception. There are, however, differences.

In our world I clearly see the goal. For example, I want to become a famous scientist, doctor, musician or sportsman.  In other words, I want to be someone special. Even though I need to overcome many obstacles, I clearly see the outcome, which is fame and the respect of the entire world. In this case egoism fills me with energy. People spend their entire lives trying to attain a respectful position in society, and they develop the strengths needed to reach their goal.

But in spiritual path, I do not feel like I am advancing and I do not have the strength to advance. It is because the people around me do not value spiritual ideals, and I myself do not yet see those ideals. So the problem is not the disturbances, since we have plenty of them in our every day lives. The problem is that I do not see the goal and I do not receive the support from the social environment. That is why we absolutely need the help of others.

If I am part of a group that constantly elevates the spiritual goal in my eyes, then it becomes easy for me to attain the goal. Overcoming an obstacle is no longer difficult, because I understand that any goal demands working with my own self. The most important thing is for the group to help me.

(From the Children’s Lesson in Buffalo, NY)

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