A Child’s Desire For Monthly Congresses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why don’t we have a Congress once a month?

Answer: We need to build the kind of connection between us that allows our real life to flow above the corporeal world, and our daily life to remain somewhere below. Then we would always be inspired and feel the great eternal life much stronger than during a Congress.

You can’t reach the spiritual world by train or plane – it is within us. We just need to evoke the spiritual sensation within us in order to feel the spiritual reality in the same way we feel this world. Our sensations need to be more acute and we must open our perception to what is happening right here in our own environment.

We already have the capacity to do this, and in doing so, we will find ourselves on an infinite adventure of such wonder that we will have nothing left to do but marvel at this ever expanding adventure.

We adults need to prepare the ground for you so that you will be ready to enter this world. And we will try our best.

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