Coming Outside Of Ourselves In Order To Hear The Creator

Rav and kids3A question I received: What does it mean to hear the Creator’s voice? Does it mean just remembering that there is none else besides Him?

My Answer: No, we need to try to feel this inner Voice inside of us, as we can do so by means of the Surrounding Light’s influence. We have to increase our soul’s sensitivity in order to feel that we need to hear how the Creator is addressing us. The Upper Force wishes to be revealed and is knocking at our hearts, but we are still incapable of feeling It.

The Creator is inside me, but I don’t feel Him! What do I lack? The truth is that I don’t place enough value on the quality of bestowal, on coming out of myself and rising above my egoism. However, if I come out of myself and enter the group, I will feel His voice inside the connection between us.

I don’t have a transmitter inside with which I can tune into the Creator. This transmitter is outside of me, in the connection between those who aspire to the Creator. If the quality of bestowal begins to dominate my qualities, then I will feel Him.

Search in your heart for what you can discuss with Him. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, but it should come from the bottom of your heart. This is called a prayer – work in the heart regarding your thoughts, intentions, and desires – everything that can be connected to the Creator.

Never Look Back

Laitman_2009-08_2934A question I received: Do we need to value the states that have already passed?

My Answer: In general and as a rule, we should not look back at the past, regardless of whether it was good or bad! That is incorrect behavior, a Klipa! I begin to eat myself up for what I’ve done, I remember what I said to someone, how badly I acted, but most importantly, I cannot do anything about it!

Any reference to the past and any calculation in regards to the past are unacceptable. Only look ahead, since the Creator is ahead, in front of you! You are digging around inside of yourself, in your memories, instead of focusing on your work with the Creator.

Remember that there is no past!

The Revelation Of The Creator Is An “Upgrade” Of Creation’s Program

prophet_thumb.jpgA question I received: What is “the revelation of the Creator to creation?”

My Answer: It means that creation, the desire to enjoy, acquires the quality of the Creator, who is Bestowing. When creation attains this goal, it acquires the force, desire and intention, which is overall called “bestowal.” That is the meaning of the creation revealing the Creator.

The revelation of the Creator, the quality of bestowal, takes place inside of creation. It means that creation receives a new program of governance, a new program that sets it in motion. Previously its desire to enjoy was driven by pleasures it felt within, in the present or the future. But now its desire to enjoy is controlled by pleasures that it feels and reveals inside others.

This is called the revelation of the Creator inside creation. The objective of the science of Kabbalah is to facilitate this revelation, to upgrade our inner program (the program that governs our desire and our matter) from reception to bestowal. The revelation of the quality of bestowal inside man is called the revelation of the Creator.

The All Encompassing Nature Of The Light

report A question I received: Why does a person’s inner change in his approach to reality from reception to bestowal give him unlimited ability to know the present, past and future?

My Answer: The Light, the attribute of bestowal that a person reveals, is all encompassing, for it is the only force in all of Nature, and is Nature itself. The Light governs us, the creation, for we are the only thing that was created. Its broadening revelation in us reveals everything above time, space and motion. Therefore, by revealing the quality of bestowal, a person knows all of the Creator’s  actions – from beginning to end.

“There’s no Creator without the creature that reveals Him.” The quality of bestowal that influences the creation, is in fact, the Creator. When that quality which created me begins to reign inside me, it means that I am revealing the Creator. The quality of the the dominance of desire to bestow and the intention to bestow within me is called the Creator’s revelation to me.

Such revelation occurs to the measure that I become a giver myself. How then, can I state that I am revealing the Creator? Who is that “I” who is revealing the Creator? It turns out that there are qualities within me that are still in the process of revealing the Creator. Later on however, when I reveal everything to its fullest extent, there is no division into “me” and “Him,” there’s only an attribute of bestowal that is reigning supreme within me, and nothing more.

Eventually, I begin to  substitute the force that drives me and I develop the desire to alter it myself so that instead of constant thoughts about reception,  I think only of how to bestow. Actually, I am simply in the bad habit of thinking for the sake of reception, and it’s a habit that I am unable to rid myself of.

Baal HaSulam writes that there’s just a psychological problem of passing on to the will to bestow, nothing more. It turns out that in the desire to bestow, there are many more opportunities for me to develop and receive pleasure. But I am stuck in the habit of acting for the sake of reception and that’s how the whole of humanity works.

That’s why we must all apply an external force against our habit, the force of which is the Surrounding Light.  Through the force of this Light, called, “My sons prevailed over me,” it will change our operating program.

Our World Is A Shadow Of The Spiritual World

nirvana-and-games-with-the-leviathan-are-ahead-of-usA question I received: It is written that “our world” is the lowest level of the spiritual world, the World of Assiya. Then what is our world in which we live?

My Answer: Our world does not exist in spirituality. It is a “reality” that we imagine. We have to attain the first, lowest level of the spiritual world, and from there we will already begin to ascend, like by a thin ray of Light, going upwards, toward our root.

Right now it seems to us that we exist in a huge world and universe. However, all of this is but a point, an imprint or shadow of the lowest spiritual world. And like a shadow, it does not exist by itself.

Yet we “live” inside this shadow, similar to how a dream stays alive, until we replace the shadow with the original – the first spiritual level, called “this world,” which is the beginning of the spiritual ladder. The most difficult part of the process is ascending to this first level, since it is completely opposite to us, and therefore concealed.

If someone told you that you will receive the opportunity to give others everything you have, including your life, would you consider this something worth aspiring to? Certainly not! That is why the “impure forces” hide this from you, deceiving you according to the principle, “the peel (Klipa) protects the fruit.” The Klipa (impure force) tells you: “It’s worthwhile to reveal spirituality because there is a lot of pleasure there!” And you believe it! That is how it helps you come to the Creator.

A person wavers to and fro: Sometimes he passionately strives for spirituality, and sometimes he doubts whether there is anything good there at all. But in the meantime, he advances. The most important thing is to let the Light work on you. Do everything that the Doctor prescribed and let him perform the surgery on you. However, instead most of us try to be smart alecks and don’t let the Light work on us.

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The Empty Space Inside Us Is Our Freedom

A Question Is the Sensation of an Empty DesireA question I received: Why do we need the material world and corporeal bodies if the spiritual desire (Kli) is not inside the body?

My Answer: What other reality would you live in before entering the spiritual world? Precisely this illusory reality gives you freedom of will. This imaginary reality is extremely important because every time we fall, we ascend into spirituality precisely from within this reality. We enter spirituality “from nothingness,” similar to “Yesh Mi Ain,” a new creation.

Spirituality (or a connection with the Creator) has to be entered from outside, from “nothing.” Man is the only animal that is not governed completely by Nature. Nature allows man to make mistakes and leaves an “empty space” inside him, giving him freedom in order to enter the spiritual world “from nothing,” or from a negative state.

If we were completely governed by nature, then we would not have any questions. Everything would be predetermined ahead of time. But because we have been granted a certain degree of freedom, it makes us aspire to and be able to feel the beginning of the spiritual desire (Kli), which is opposite to ourselves.

If we were completely controlled by our egoistic nature, then we would never be able to feel the nature of bestowal. But since egoism’s control over us leaves us this empty space, by feeling it and not understanding ourselves, at that moment we begin to feel the beginning of the altruistic nature. That is how one enters that nature as “something out of nothing.”

Moments From The Daily Lesson: The Torah

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The Torah Is Instructions On Developing Our Soul

What Is the Soul?We have to understand once and for all that the Torah does not say a single word about this world. It speaks only about the soul and the soul’s correction. There is no other topic in it.

Our soul, our egoism, or our “evil inclination” is what was corrupted. We still have to carry out the serious task of clarifying what the egoistic desire is, and then correct it. We will then reveal the Creator in our corrected desire and achieve equivalence to Him in our desires and thoughts – in the heart and mind.

A person has to strive to see the spiritual world through this world, and to understand that the spiritual world is eternal and we are in it even now. We just have to reveal it for ourselves.

All the books of the Torah are written particularly in order to reveal the Upper World. In Hebrew, “Torah” comes from the words “Oraa” – instructions, and “Ohr” – Light. It tells us how to reveal our eternal state, in which we already exist but do not feel. It tells us how to develop the inner sense that will allow us to feel the hidden part of the world.

All the books of the Torah talk exclusively about this, because our purpose is to reveal the entire, perfect Nature in which we exist.