Coming Outside Of Ourselves In Order To Hear The Creator

Rav and kids3A question I received: What does it mean to hear the Creator’s voice? Does it mean just remembering that there is none else besides Him?

My Answer: No, we need to try to feel this inner Voice inside of us, as we can do so by means of the Surrounding Light’s influence. We have to increase our soul’s sensitivity in order to feel that we need to hear how the Creator is addressing us. The Upper Force wishes to be revealed and is knocking at our hearts, but we are still incapable of feeling It.

The Creator is inside me, but I don’t feel Him! What do I lack? The truth is that I don’t place enough value on the quality of bestowal, on coming out of myself and rising above my egoism. However, if I come out of myself and enter the group, I will feel His voice inside the connection between us.

I don’t have a transmitter inside with which I can tune into the Creator. This transmitter is outside of me, in the connection between those who aspire to the Creator. If the quality of bestowal begins to dominate my qualities, then I will feel Him.

Search in your heart for what you can discuss with Him. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, but it should come from the bottom of your heart. This is called a prayer – work in the heart regarding your thoughts, intentions, and desires – everything that can be connected to the Creator.

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