The Torah Is Instructions On Developing Our Soul

What Is the Soul?We have to understand once and for all that the Torah does not say a single word about this world. It speaks only about the soul and the soul’s correction. There is no other topic in it.

Our soul, our egoism, or our “evil inclination” is what was corrupted. We still have to carry out the serious task of clarifying what the egoistic desire is, and then correct it. We will then reveal the Creator in our corrected desire and achieve equivalence to Him in our desires and thoughts – in the heart and mind.

A person has to strive to see the spiritual world through this world, and to understand that the spiritual world is eternal and we are in it even now. We just have to reveal it for ourselves.

All the books of the Torah are written particularly in order to reveal the Upper World. In Hebrew, “Torah” comes from the words “Oraa” – instructions, and “Ohr” – Light. It tells us how to reveal our eternal state, in which we already exist but do not feel. It tells us how to develop the inner sense that will allow us to feel the hidden part of the world.

All the books of the Torah talk exclusively about this, because our purpose is to reveal the entire, perfect Nature in which we exist.

One Comment

  1. I am so excited to learn daily how this understanding applies to the Torah and my life!

    One question –  Does this in anyway take away from the 1st, basic level of the Torah?  i.e keeping the commandments in a practical way?

    From where I am at, it would seem to me that only when one is obedient to the commandments, (as best one can), does it open up a door for the next level?

    Shalom to you.

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