Switching Over To The Spiritual Perception

how-can-singularity-be-transformed-without-changingA question I received: You say that books on Kabbalah speak about the spiritual world. However, currently I can only perceive the material reality. How can I switch over from the material perception to the spiritual one?

My Answer: This can only be done with the help of the Light that Reforms. This is why Kabbalists advise us to read Kabbalah books despite the fact that we don’t understand anything they say.

You have to read them with the desire to feel and see what is written in them, to enter the hidden world they describe. It is concealed from your senses, as if you are in a state of sleeping, of concealment, and your senses are numb. You have to desire to sharpen your senses of perception.

You will start to feel that the spiritual world is right here. You will begin to feel the spiritual forces and will discover that the spiritual world is completely connected to you, rather than separate from you. You will feel that all these forces act inside you and belong to you. This is an issue of revelation, and revelation occurs by way of the Light’s influence, even if you don’t know what the Light is.

There is a special force. With the help of a book, when you aspire to the reality that the book is speaking about, that force will influence you, gradually bringing you to perception of that reality. First it enters your feelings and then your understanding. This is how we are born into the spiritual world.

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