The Empty Space Inside Us Is Our Freedom

A Question Is the Sensation of an Empty DesireA question I received: Why do we need the material world and corporeal bodies if the spiritual desire (Kli) is not inside the body?

My Answer: What other reality would you live in before entering the spiritual world? Precisely this illusory reality gives you freedom of will. This imaginary reality is extremely important because every time we fall, we ascend into spirituality precisely from within this reality. We enter spirituality “from nothingness,” similar to “Yesh Mi Ain,” a new creation.

Spirituality (or a connection with the Creator) has to be entered from outside, from “nothing.” Man is the only animal that is not governed completely by Nature. Nature allows man to make mistakes and leaves an “empty space” inside him, giving him freedom in order to enter the spiritual world “from nothing,” or from a negative state.

If we were completely governed by nature, then we would not have any questions. Everything would be predetermined ahead of time. But because we have been granted a certain degree of freedom, it makes us aspire to and be able to feel the beginning of the spiritual desire (Kli), which is opposite to ourselves.

If we were completely controlled by our egoistic nature, then we would never be able to feel the nature of bestowal. But since egoism’s control over us leaves us this empty space, by feeling it and not understanding ourselves, at that moment we begin to feel the beginning of the altruistic nature. That is how one enters that nature as “something out of nothing.”

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  1. The deficiency has been confirmed! For “I heard a report of you and I feared”.

    Nizrakti le’Sof, ve’Shem mi’Tziti et ha’Segulah — Selah

    Shoresh Neshmati – “Zeh” – machshevet ha’briah.

    ….so no more descents, since we can only arise in thought……..

    Veh  le’Zeh Yesh;  AliYaH (El – Yod – Heh) Ein-Sof

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